Insane People In Out-Of-Control Minneapolis Brawl, Curse Out Police Horses, Twerk On Cars

Someone managed to snag some video of an out-of-control scene happening outside of The Gay 90s bar in Minneapolis. There were assaults inside, assaults outside, women twerking on cars, and another yelling at a police horse.

Sounds like “Defund the Police” is going swimmingly.

It was a wild night in the Democratically-controlled, crime-ridden city of Minneapolis which was the epicenter of the “Defund the Police” movement. The city’s law enforcement budget has been slashed by more than a million dollars since.

Given those facts — plus an almost 16% spike in total crimes — the following video probably won’t surprise you.

What an absolute mess. That’s so bad that people in St. Paul are probably saying, “Twin city? Sorry, we don’t know any Minneapolis-es.”

Also, it looks like it was really cold. Can you imagine what it would’ve been like if the weather was nice? Although, I guess people this crazy don’t check the forecast and decide that they’ll wait to twerk on illegally parked cars until a warm front moves through.

It’s also rather ironic that all of this as well as multiple horrific beatings happened both inside and outside of a gay bar. The whole point is usually to welcome the “marginalized” members of society. Bludgeon people until they’re laying in the middle of the street in the fetal position typically doesn’t fall under that category.

A woman tries to pet a police horse because when in Minneapolis… (Credit: Screenshot/Rebecca Brannon)

Here Comes Horse Lady

Then we’ve got the horse lady.

Oh, the horse lady.

As the underfunded police arrived on the scene to deal with the mess their city leadership created they brought in officers on horseback.

One moronic woman decided she would try touching an officer’s horse and when told to stop she responded with “F— your horse, b—-.”

Most of us recognize how trashy that woman is, but the way things seem to be headed in Minneapolis, she could very well be the city’s next mayor.

It never ceases to amaze me how people like her can mess with police animals and get away without a peep from those phony animal rights activists. You see things like this happen time and time again at “peaceful” protests, or whatever was happening in this case. I’m not even sure what you call that.

PETA and their ilk are nowhere to be found.

They’re too getting trucked by Bobby Wagner or dumping gallons of milk on supermarket floors to defend them, I suppose.

As I said, they must have their hands full…

As you can see, just all around the disgusting display. Who would want to move to, visit, or even drive through a place like that? No amount of tourism board commercials can fix that.

Well, that’s where a lot of major, Democrat-led cities are headed if they continue to embrace completely ridiculous policies like defunding the police.

Hopefully, scenes like this one will serve as a warning, but unfortunately, too many on the left, this is what “progress” looks like.

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Written by Matt Reigle

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  1. So…from the video, one guy got his ass kicked maybe or maybe not deservingly I don’t know and fat girls danced on a car…extremely mild compared to what BLM did to the city. This is hardly news worthy.

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