Influencer Dropped $37k To Reinvent Herself After Boyfriend Of 15 Years Dumped Her

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Long gone are the days of bouncing back from a nasty breakup with a spa day or a new hairstyle. These days, with an influencer around every corner on social media, you have to go big or go home.

Dropping $37,000 to reinvent yourself is going pretty big. That’s exactly what a photographer from Wales by the name of Stacey Clarke did.

After her boyfriend of 15 years, who she has two kids with, dumped her six months before their wedding she shelled out the eye popping amount of cash for much more than a new hairstyle. Although new hair was one of the procedures.

Influencer Stacey Clarke
Influencer reinvented herself following a breakup (Image Credit: Stacey Clarke/Instagram)

Clarke said of her decision to spend tens of thousands of dollars on a new look, “I just felt I needed to do something. I decided impulsively to have surgery.”

According to Clarke, the two who started dating as teenagers drifted apart over the years. Her ex-boyfriend suddenly ended things with her and she decided it was time for a full body makeover after finding out he was seeing someone new soon after the breakup.

The photographer-turned-influencer had a laundry list of procedures done in order to reinvent herself and forget her ex. The list includes lip and eye lifts, a hair transplant, a boob job, a Brazilian butt lift, a facelift, liposuction, and vaginoplasty.

“Having surgery has given me a lot of confidence,” she told the NY Post. “I was a completely different person with a different look. I feel sexier than I’ve ever been.”

Stacey Clarke Knew Exactly What To Do Following Her “Makeover”

Part of that newly discovered confidence led Clarke to hop on OnlyFans, where according to some of her content she shows off her reinvention.

Teasing her exclusive content she said in the bio of one of her Instagram posts from a few months ago, “take me to church … totally stripped on the OF feed..”

Money might not be able to buy you happiness. But it can buy you some confidence in the form of a completely new body.

Is that a step closer to happiness? I couldn’t tell you. I’m not trying to break things down that deep. I’m here for the entertainment value of it all.

Spending that kind of money to deal with a breakup sounds insane to me. That said, she seems to have achieved the results she desired. She’s literally a different person.

Written by Sean Joseph

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