Influencer Sent $10k By A Fan For Her ‘Butt Surgery’

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Influencer Danielle Lanza has made a name for herself on the streaming platform Twitch. She’s one of the most popular Call of Duty: Warzone streamers on the platform. She’s since branched out into other forms of streaming outside of the gaming genre and other platforms, including the subscription-based kind.

TheDanDangler, as she’s know on multiple social media platforms, often streams in the Pools, Hot Tubs, and Beaches category. Despite multiple bans – mostly for inappropriate attire – she’s built up a following of almost 450,000.

Influencer Sent $10k By A Fan For Her 'Butt Surgery'
Influencer sent $10,000 for “butt surgery” (Image Credit: Daniella Lanza/Twitch)

During a recent stream Danielle received a large cash gift from one of her followers. Apparently she’s been planning to get a Brazilian butt lift and the anonymous follower decided to pay for it.

The fan sent a letter along with some things to help her feel better. Included in the box was $10,000 in cash. Part of the letter reads, “In this package you will find some things I hope make you feel better.”

“I also would like to pay for the cost of your procedure, so on top of the goodies, you will also find $10K cash,” Danielle read during the livestream. “Keep up all the awesome content and keep grinding. Love you. From Anonymous.”

Afterwards, TheDanDangler shared picture of the box of cash and the letter she received from her anonymous fan on Twitter. She also shared how she wants to find the fan so that she can personally thank them.

It Pays In More Than A Few Ways To Be An Influencer

Sadly, Daniella had to cancel her originally planned procedure after she fell ill with COVID. A detail she shared during the same stream she unpacked her box of $10k.

It’s not $70,000 like another popular Twitch streamer was gifted, but it will pay for a new booty whenever the procedure is rescheduled. The gift will, more importantly, pay for it without her having to dip into her OnlyFans funds.

Daniella shared her “BBL” fund being topped off and her emotional response with her 400,000 plus TikTok followers as well.

With cars and tens of thousands of dollars being handed out it’s only a matter of time before someone is gifted a house.

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