Influencer Called Out By Neighbor For Making Loud Videos & Standing Naked In Her Window

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An influencer found out recently that while she is well liked on social media, her neighbors supposedly can’t stand her. She had one of her TikTok videos interrupted in real-time by one of those angry neighbors.

Amber O’Donnell, who at one time had 400,000 followers on TikTok, was making a Pancake Day video in her car when a neighbor decided to confront her. The neighbor knocked on the window of her car then went in on her for making loud videos and standing naked in her window.

Influencer Amber O'Donnell OnlyFans
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Yorkshire’s #1 OnlyFans girl, as she refers to herself, didn’t have much to say about the complaints. The neighbor starts off by telling O’Donnell she needs to stop making videos because she’s too loud.

“I’m not being funny, but you need to stop now,” the neighbor says. “You’re being really loud. I’m sat in my garden, I’ve come home from work and all I can hear is your gob.”

The 24-year-old tried to explain that she’s just making TikToks, because that’s her job. That didn’t sit well with the angry neighbor. She then brought up the fact that the influencer likes to stand naked in her window.

“Well, I’ve just come from my actual job and I really just don’t want to hear it, if I can’t hear you I can f*cking see you,” the neighbor fired back. “You’re always stood in your window with your tits out and I’ve had enough, I don’t want to see it.”

To make matters worse for the young influencer, according to the upset woman anyway, her other neighbors don’t like her either. The woman added, “I’m just letting you know it’s not just me that thinks it, it’s the rest of the neighbors as well.”

An Angry Neighbor Isn’t Going To Keep One Of Yorkshire’s Top Influencers From Influencing

O’Donnell asked why the woman was looking at her window in the first place. The woman responded, “What do you mean why am I looking?”

“You’re in your window, they’re clear, that’s all I can see, all I can hear and all I can do is you every f*cking day. I’ve had enough.”

All O’Donnell could say was, “I’m sorry.” The neighbor didn’t have time for any apology and added, “I’ve tried to be nice but I can’t be doing with it, it’s too much, I’m just letting you know you’re pissing everyone off.”

The video, and/or O’Donnell’s TikTok account, was taken down. But not before others were able to get a copy of it and share it.

O’Donnell responded to a version of the deleted TikTok and made it clear the video was authentic. She also pointed out that this particular neighbor isn’t a fan of hers.

She tweeted, “I had filmed several TikTok’s in my car before this one, which is why she ‘conveniently’ interrupts the video, it’s not staged, she just doesn’t like me and will jump at any opportunity to argue with me, I have had notes thrown over my fence and all sorts it’s really petty.”

There may be a few others who aren’t happy. I highly doubt all of her neighbors are pissed off by loud videos and nudity. This particular neighbor is what we call a hater.

If I had to guess she’s very jealous that she can’t sit at home making loud TikTok videos or stand around naked in front of her window all day. It’s safe to assume nobody would want to see the neighbor doing either of those things.

Written by Sean Joseph

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