IHOP Hits OnlyFans Model With A Copyright Claim

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An OnlyFans model has been hit with a copyright claim from the restaurant chain IHOP. I know what you’re thinking. What was the international house of pancakes doing on the subscription-based platform in order to discover the violation?

The short answer is they weren’t on OnlyFans. At least not when they found the alleged copyright infringement.

There are some who might be thinking is this the OnyFans model who makes millions making pancakes in her lingerie? Surprisingly, the answer this question is no.

This is a completely unrelated OnlyFans model-pancake story. It’s almost as if there’s a national pancake day coming up or something.

OnlyFans Model Candylion IHOP Copyright Claim
OnlyFans model hit with a copyright claim from IHOP (Image Credit: Candylion/Twitter)

Now that we’ve cleared up any confusion, let’s get back to how this story played out. The content creator, who goes by the name Candylion on multiple platforms, is really into cosplay.

One of the outfits she enjoys wearing is a Goth IHOP waitress outfit. Which she also started selling on Etsy.

Selling the design with a modified IHOP logo on it is where the cosplayer ran into trouble. The pancake slingers spotted her design for sale and that prompted them to file a copyright claim.

She shared the claim she received on Twitter. In the tweet, the apparent veteran of copyright claims, calls it “the funniest copyright strike” she’s ever received.

Candylion followed the tweet by celebrating two crazy milestones she recently reached on Instagram.

The copyright claim, which hasn’t prompted her to stop selling her merch on Etsy, was one of them. As was reaching 500,000 followers on the platform. Congratulations?

She started the caption by saying, “So I hit 2 crazy milestones recently…. 500k followers here… and being threatened legally by the International House of Pancakes.”

Going Against Big Pancakes Is An Uphill Battle

The next time you sit down for some pancakes, whether that’s at home or at IHOP, I want you to remember Candylion.

Remember her and her fight against big pancakes. All she wants to do is dress up like a Goth IHOP waitress and sell a little merchandise on the side to her fans.

It’s not real life. This is cosplay. It’s fantasy. She’s not dressing up like an actual IHOP waitress. That’s pretty obvious. Isn’t it?

There aren’t, in all likelihood, too many IHOP waitresses running around with a large social media following. On top of that, there’s the whole creating content behind a paywall aspect that she’s managed to get into. There are even less of those waitresses.

I love pancakes, but I’m siding with the artist on this one.

Written by Sean Joseph

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