Indianapolis Colts Give Record-Breaking Free Agent Deal To … A Kicker?

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The Indianapolis Colts finally made a big move in free agency! They even set a new record! Hey, it costs money to bring in game-breaking talent.

Which is exactly what the Colts did by signing … Mat Gay. Kicker, Matt Gay.

Both tweets, including the one from Gay himself, call out agents David Canter and Ness Mugrabi. Which, they should. They managed to get their client — a kicker — nearly $25 million.

Did I mention Matt Gay is a kicker? Because he’s a kicker.

Matt Gay is a kicker. And the Indianapolis Colts are going to pay him a lot of money.
Matt Gay is a kicker. And the Indianapolis Colts are going to pay him a lot of money. (Photo by Cooper Neill/Getty Images)

The Colts have no quarterback. They have virtually no offensive weapons outside of a running back who missed over one-third of the season. Their best player is arguably an offensive guard.

Yet, they’re out here dropping the bag in the lap of a kicker!?

Spending money on a kicker is a luxury. It’s something you do once all the other loose ends are tied up. Not on Day #2 of free agency with plenty of talent still left to be signed.

SMH (shaking my head, as the kids say).

OutKick’s Dan Dakich, a staple in Indianapolis sports media for many years, is among Colts fans baffled by the ridiculous signing.

“Other teams are signing Jimmy G, or trading for Jalen Ramsey or getting Derek Carr,” Dakich began. “You know what the Colts did? They got a kicker. They gave $22 million to a kicker… Only in Indy.

“If that’s what we’re gonna do, that’s what we’re gonna do. Sign a kicker,” Dakich said, dejectedly.

I think Dakich speaks for most fans. It’s not just that they signed a kicker. But other teams are making big moves to improve their teams.

Hey, there are three phases to a football team: offense, defense and special teams.

The Colts really care about that last one.

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