‘I’ll Whip Yer Ass’: Mississippi HS Football Coach Bloodied In Fight At Game He Was Scouting

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The Mississippi high school football season started with a bang Thursday after a football coach scouting at a Thursday night game let “I’ll whip yer ass” fly and like an umpire yelling “Play ball!” the season kicked off with an old-fashioned fight in the stands.

Internet observers say the bloodied guy is Heidelburg (MS) football coach Jim Nowell who is declaring he’s about to whip some ass. According to Jim’s Linkedin page, he took the Heidelburg job in 2021 after bouncing around the state coaching ranks for a few years.

Let’s get to the action and see how Jim handles business:

To add a little context, Internet experts say this all went down at the Wayne County vs. Quitman game. As for what caused emotions to boil over, let’s face it, this is high school football in Mississippi and it’s a powderkeg. Jim’s coming off a 5-4 season in which his boys lost to Quitman 25-14.

Jim’s clearly looking to light a fire under their asses and if it takes dropping the gloves, then it’s go time.

Now, will Jim have a job by tonight when his boys take on Southeast Lauderdale? That’s the big question the Heidelburg administration must answer before the bus leaves school. They have a viral high school football coach on their hands.

This is when school administration earns the big bucks.

Written by Joe Kinsey

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  1. This douche (Nowell) was screaming nasty stuff and the other guy told him to put a sock in it. Nowell was supposedly scouting the game. He looks like he would be tough but as it turns out, he’s a P***y. When escorted out of the stadium he was bleeding pretty good. Jackass. I hope he loses his job.

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