Ilhan Omar: Do the $2,000 Stimulus Fast, Separate from Other Spending

You don’t need a sports blog to tell you that this has been a wild year. Imagine if you were told one year ago today that the NCAA Tournament would get canceled, there would be no fans in the stands during baseball season until the World Series, and that in major cities like New York and Chicago, restaurants would be shut down for months at a time. It would have been inconceivable.

This brings us to a place where I find myself in agreement with Representative Ilhan Omar when she says to get the $2,000 survival checks done quickly, without haggling over everything else in the bill:

As Representative Omar alludes to in the tweet, on Tuesday President Trump went through hundreds of billions of dollars of pork in the federal stimulus bill and asked Congress to amend the bill to go from $600 per person to $2,000, and “get rid of the wasteful and unnecessary items” from the bill. Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi agreed, at least with the $2,000 part:

This is going to put Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell in a tough spot. Senators Josh Hawley and Bernie Sanders had been pushing for $1,200 a person but got blocked by Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson. It’s an especially tough spot given the situation with the looming runoff elections for two senate seats in Georgia.

Hopefully, Republicans and Democrats in Congress can work together quickly to get a deal done. Honestly, Ilhan Omar’s plan doesn’t sound like a bad idea: Put everything else to the side and get immediate relief to the American people.

Written by Ryan Glasspiegel

Ryan Glasspiegel grew up in Connecticut, graduated from University of Wisconsin-Madison, and lives in Chicago. Before OutKick, he wrote for Sports Illustrated and The Big Lead. He enjoys expensive bourbon and cheap beer.


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  1. enough with the free handouts…i want my FREEDOMS BACK !!!

    when can we go to a sporting event?? when can i go to the gym without getting harrassed ab not wearing a mask ??

    idgaf about $600, don’t even care for $2k.

    all i want is fair elections and my freedoms that i have had the past 25 years of my life.


  2. Twice this week she’s sounded like she has some reasonable thoughts. Chastising a very young and
    very healthy AOC for getting the vaccine shot before those who would truly benefit from it was not a horrible look in my opinion. As for the $2000 vs. $600, the $2000 is more of a five-gallon bucket of water on the dumpster fire of personal finance whereas the $600 is akin to a five year old boy pissing on it, upwind…

    • Great point, the enemy of my enemy can sometimes be my friend. Our ultimate enemy are the establishment democrats who make $5 Mil per year to “serve the people”. I hope conservatives will support Omar on this, have the decency to give credit where its due.

  3. I’ll give Omar slight credit for making at least some sense for the first time I can remember. However, there’s no way to forget her many obscene spews in the past. By the way, WTH ever happened to the $134 billion left over from the 2nd round of PPP? More money continues to be a small Band-Aid on a huge open wound. The longer these shutdowns remain, the number of destroyed businesses will continue to increase.

    • McConnel had a bill to give out the $1200 checks, fund the PPP (which is corrupted), and keep the unemployment going. Total cost: less than 500 billion. So, where did the rest of the 3 trillion go. I think it only took a few billion for the vaccine.

  4. See what strong masculine leadership does…it even provides moments of clarity to the worst female politicians we have.

    I would have never thought Nancy Pelosi or Omar would have agreed with Trump on anything.

    That said a once in a 4 year agreement isn’t a pattern.

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