If High School Football Is Going To Play, So Can College Football

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High school football.  High school football is a big deal because a lot of people now are focusing their fire on arguing that college football shouldn’t come back

The NFL is coming back. And now most of the states it appears that high school football will play.

Big statement made today by Texas. They are going to keep 1A, 2A, 3A, and 4A schedules on tap.  And they will move 5A and 6A. But the vast majority of Texas high school football is going to be back up and running with games by August 27.

Practice starts back up soon.

The states of Georgia and Florida have both decided that practice will start back up on Monday. Georgia will play a full season starting the first week of September.

All of these big states: Georgia, Florida, and Texas will be followed by the other southern states.

It’s a big deal because, not only is it important for these kids to be able to play high school football and all other fall sports, but I think it is also hugely important because it is further confirmation that college football will play.

All of the states in the Big 12 and all of the states in the SEC are going to play high school football.

If you are argument is you can’t allow amateurs to play college football, how can you make that argument when all of these high schools are playing.

You’ve got the high-end pro athletes in the NFL are playing, lower-end high school football players are playing.  And in college football, we are going to have college football in the SEC and the Big 12 at minimum. 

I hope the ACC stays strong and I hope the Pac-12 and the Big 10 come to their senses and realize they overreacted when they canceled all of their out of conference games.

It doesn’t make sense to cancel the out of conference games. You can either play or you can’t.

If someone can explain to me why non-conference football stops the spread of the coronavirus, we all ought to be canceling games against non-conference football.

This is not a difficult decision to make.  College football is going to play I believe much to the consternation of the Coronabros out there.

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  1. I hope I’m wrong and I hope y’all call me a douche canoe when I am. i don’t think College Football will be played this year. Liberals are hell bent on keeping everything shut down because of the 0.000041% death rate from COVID. Liberals run Colleges

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