Ice Cube Rips Artificial Intelligence, Calls It ‘Demonic’

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Rapper Ice Cube is not a fan of artificial intelligence.

AI has become a hot topic in America, and while there are certainly some advantages to it – like getting it to do all your homework if you’re in college – there are some serious concerns.

What if we can’t turn AI off? What if AI becomes sentient and can start making decisions on its own? This is a theme we’re seeing more and more in entertainment, and it’s not new. The “Terminator” films feature it heavily. Artificial is also a main theme in the new FX hit “Class of ’09.”

Ice Cube is against AI.

Well, it sounds like Ice Cube would definitely like to see people tap the brakes when it comes to fully embracing AI in music.

The former NWA superstar said the following about AI during an interview on the “Full Send Podcast”:

The artists are getting lost in autotunes, and now that you have an AI computer. I think people don’t want a computerized rapper no more. They want to hear your voice. I don’t know any rappers by their voice no more. I used to know all the rappers just on hear their voice. Know who that is. So, I think they need to figure out how to put that autotune down, and we need to hear what people sound like and if they’re as good. Because I think AI is demonic. I think AI is gonna get a backlash from real people — real, organic people. So, I think artists need to go back to using their real voice and making sure people know this is authentic and not made from a computer.

You can listen to his full comments below. They start around the 47:00 mark.

Should people slow down when it comes to artificial intelligence?

I’ll be the first to admit AI has some fun aspects to it. For example, we recently had it write the ending of “Yellowstone” and I even had a scene written where John Dutton admits to being involved in killing JFK.

The AI script was shocking on-point. The dialogue sounded just like what you’d expect from Taylor Sheridan.

However, being able to hop on ChatGPT and come up with insane scenarios for AI to write isn’t exactly a benefit that might offset the downsides.

Elon Musk has openly warned about the dangers of unchecked AI, and when that guy starts sounding the siren on something related to tech, it’s probably time to listen.

He’s a billionaire tech genius very plugged in (no pun intended) to what AI does and what it’s capable of doing. Now, Ice Cube is joining those slamming the brakes on artificial intelligence. Obviously, the stakes are lower with music, but the fact anyone can create a song sounding like it came from any artist is nuts.

Ice Cube calls artificial intelligence “demonic.” (Photo by Dave J Hogan/Getty Images)

Will artificial intelligence soon be common in all facets of our lives or will it be stopped? Give us your thoughts in the comments below.

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