Hyena Stalks Golfer In Unnerving Video

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A golfer in South Africa had a very unexpected experience on a course thanks to a curious hyena.

A video shared by Neil Whyte shows a hyena stalking him at the Skukuza Golf Club in Skukuza, South Africa.

The hyena slowly walked behind Whyte before getting scary close to him. To Neil’s credit, he showed no fear as the animal closed in on him.

In fact, he even cracked a grin at one point. Check out the truly wild video below.

Hyena stalks golfer in South Africa.

The animal thunderdome strikes again. You can set your watch to getting pretty much a weekly update on the animal thunderdome.

One day it’s sharks doing something wild. Next, it’s an alligator or a bison going after someone. Nature has a mind of its own and wild animals aren’t cute and meant to be cuddled with.

Hyenas are certainly not meant to be messed with. A quick Google search will tell you hyenas can be incredibly aggressive and violent when one decides it’s time to flip the switch.

Hyena stalks golfer in South Africa. (Credit: Getty Images)

Adult hyenas can also weigh north of 150 pounds and be five feet in length. You want to do battle with one of those things? I think not. Definitely not.

You might think they’d behave like dogs. Well, you’d be wrong. Hyenas can cause all sorts of problems, but Neil managed to keep his cool.

Honestly, his demeanor was incredibly impressive. The man must have ice running through his veins.

Hyenas can be incredibly aggressive. (Credit: Getty Images)

Always keep your head on a swivel when it comes to the animal thunderdome. Neil did just that and now has an awesome story to tell.

Written by David Hookstead

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