Six-Time PGA Tour Winner Questions Legality Of Banning LIV Golfers: ‘A Lawsuit I Don’t Think They’re Going To Win’

Six-time PGA Tour winner Hunter Mahan, like most others paying attention, believes there are lawsuits and court cases to come between the Tour and LIV Golf.

Shortly after the first tee shot was hit in the inaugural LIV Golf event, the PGA Tour handed out indefinite suspensions to players teeing it up in the Saudi-backed series. Mahan questions whether or not it’s actually legal for the PGA Tour to ban LIV golfers from teeing it up in Tour events.

“Is that legal,” Mahan asked during an appearance on the ‘Subpar’ podcast. “How do you do that?

“How do you say because you’re not part of the PGA Tour but you’re part of the Asian Tour and you can play, you’re part of the European Tour and you’ve earned the right to play, you’re now part of the LIV Tour but you’ve qualified to play but we’re not gonna let you play?”

“That’s a lawsuit and I don’t think they’re going to win that.”

It’s not just golf fans and media members asking these questions, Mahan has earned over $58 million competing on the PGA Tour and even he is questioning what exactly the ground is that the Tour is standing on with its suspension of these players.

Mahan continued to go on and say that he’s “happy for the guys playing on the LIV Tour” and for Tour players making their own choices as well.


As for the inevitable legal battles, the first shoe seems to have already dropped in that arena with the Department of Justice opening an investigation to determine if the PGA Tour engaged in “anticompetitive behavior” with LIV Golf.

We’re still in the incredibly early stages of all of this, but LIV Golf has thrown a series of surprising punches that have landed cleanly on the PGA Tour.

LIV Golf will host its third event later this week at Trump Bedminster in New Jersey.

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Written by Mark Harris


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  1. Hunter mahan should have read his pga tour contract, the tour players create the rules and the rules are clear, you can get ejected from the tour for competitive behavior directly affecting the tour. These golfers are like Instagram models, definitely not the gentleman’s game with them. All money hungry and many of them not doing anything to develop or increase the popularity of the game. LIV golf at best is like 20/20 cricket. Sucks

  2. As a long time golf fan, I understand where you are coming from. We want to see the best playing the best every week, all in the same venue.

    With that being said, big names bring the eyeballs. We all love our iconic golf courses, but if the top 25 in the world were all playing at Joe’s Goat Farm in BFE Kansas, and Augusta was hosting a PGA sanctioned event, but you didn’t know who anyone was, what are you going to watch?

    The PGA thought the FedEx cup would appease players, but I think what you’re seeing is a desire for at least one event January-August with huge prize money attached, not including already established majors.

    For the players that bring the eyeballs, negotiate a merit based salary that keeps them loyal, and the rival tours away. This will give the young guys something to shoot for, keep the veterans happy, and guarantee fans have good golf to watch week in and week out, not the 8 weekends a year before/after majors where no one plays.

    Not the perfect plan, but they’re leaving the door wide open not addressing the issue.

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