Hunter Biden, Serial Racist, Texts ‘No Yellow’ When Asked About Asian Prostitutes

Democrats and the media aggressively tell the country that, above all else, they are fighting injustices. They allege the country is sexist against women and racist against black people and that privileged white men spread hate against Asians. Unfortunately, many Americans now believe this. Others, of course, see through the rhetoric and intuit that the outrage is a political tactic.

It’s never great to get exposed, and that’s why Hunter Biden is such a liability. He inadvertently exposes the real game plan behind the selective outrage of the Democrats and the media.

In a conversation obtained from Hunter Biden’s abandoned laptop, the Daily Mail revealed that Hunter has solicited the services of a prostitute through Caroline Biden, an apparent madam who also happens to be the daughter of President Biden’s brother James. Through text messages, Hunter specifies the characteristics that he prefers his prostitutes to have. In short: he excluded all Asian women from consideration and used a racial epithet to make that point clear:

“Do you want foreign or domestic,” Caroline asks Hunter: “I can’t give you f—ing Asian sorry. I’m not doing it.”

“Domesticated foreigner,” Hunter responds. “No yellow.”

This is not the first time the coddled son of the coddled president has solicited the services of prostitutes or used racial slurs.

According to Fox News, Hunter “has a history of paying Russian or Eastern European women linked to sex trafficking.”

Hunter Biden also repeatedly used the n-word while addressing his white attorney George Mesires in text messages from 2018 and 2019.

The n-word has ruined the lives of college students who tweeted the word years prior. Yet unlike with Mimi Groves, who was removed from the University of Tennessee’s cheer team for using the word in high school, the media didn’t much mind Hunter’s use. His life is still fine. A day after his texts leaked, CNN had mentioned the story a total of zero times. Zero. A quick search of “Hunter Biden” and “prostitute” at yields similar results. There you have it.

Blue chip media outlets have also never found the time to cover Hunter using a racial slur to describe Asians amid a surge in physical attacks against Asian Americans.

The easy response is to say, “Can you imagine if this were Don. Jr.?”

Yes, we all can. He’d be crucified. The media would say his racist father taught him the words. We know this. The story is not only about the media’s indifference to Hunter Biden’s sexual exploitation of vulnerable women or his use of racist language, but about how little the people who say they care most about women and racism actually care about women and racism. It’s all a disguise.

Those who most loudly yell “sexist” or “racist” — many of whom work in New York and Washington DC — use the words as a tool. As a threat. The words are used to get what they want.

As I said before, outrage is rarely honest or consistent. Media members, politicians, and influencers strategically pick their spots about when they are offended and when they will demand change.

Cancel culture isn’t about a particular action, but about a particular person. The Left only ruins a person’s life and career when it’s advantageous to them. It either gives their side power or brings down the opposition. In those cases that give the Right the upper hand or that bring down one of their own side, the Left expresses no outrage. It was a mistake, they say, move on.

Deep down, Democrats, CNN hosts, and New York Times writers are not offended that Hunter Biden solicited prostitutes, used the n-word or described Asians as “yellow.” And because they gain nothing by targeting Hunter Biden, they stay silent about his execrable behavior.

Democrats and the media are not exposed by their actions. Their inactions tell the real story.

Written by Bobby Burack

Bobby Burack covers media, politics, and sports at OutKick.


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  1. Every time Jokke Biden speaks someone should shout “Where’s Hunter”? Every time KKKamoola shows her dog face pony cackle in public, someone should shout “When are going to the border”? Hunter and Jokkke are just being true to their long legacy of hate and bigotry which characterized the Communist Democrats. Those mooks have been pissed since Lincoln freed the slaves. America Matters.

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