Fox News’ Griff Jenkins ‘Shooed’ Away for Asking Jill Biden About Hunter

If we had an honest corporate media — and we don’t — the federal criminal investigation into Hunter Biden’s business dealings in China would be the lede across all news outlets. Instead, it’s not, and reporters aren’t even allowed to ask Dr. Jill Biden it.

Fox News’ Griff Jenkins tried and was shooed away while “wranglers stepped in front of the camera.”

See that? That’s a question you can’t ask.

For fun, we envisioned a CNN reporter getting shooed away for asking Melania Trump a negative question about Don Jr. (who doesn’t have a corrupt history like Hunter, but this is a hypothetical.) If any shooing went down — and it wouldn’t — the media would collectively demand change, firings, and maybe investigations.

The media probably won’t talk about this one as they continue to fail miserably on every story that includes Hunter Biden.


Written by Bobby Burack

Bobby Burack covers media, politics, and sports at OutKick.


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  1. In the next 4 years Willie Brown’s “lady” will spend more time as president than Biden. What a career path she has followed. Dems should all want their daughters to grow up like her. What a great role model.

    • Kamala got to a position of power because of a man, just like Hillary got to a position of power because of a man. Yet these feminists keep telling us women should be able to achieve power without the help of a man. They are truly pathetic.

  2. The evil deep state dummy puppet mumbling bumbling creepy senile criminal pervert racist bribe taking crazy Joe Biden is in danger of being forced out already by his puppet masters. They will use the junior creepy crackhead criminal pervert Hunters bribe gathering to do it when they are ready to install the cackling communist hooker Krapmala Giggles Harris as the new dummy puppet.

  3. The ferocity with which she and her propagandists cling to that “Dr.” title — though she’s no one to turn to when you’re in poor health, as her husband shows — is indicative of what lifetime frauds and hacks that family is. Lap-dog DNC media ain’t coming back from the last 4 … actually, 12 … years.

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