Hugh Jackman Is Back As ‘Wolverine’ For Upcoming ‘Deadpool’ Sequel

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It’s the greatest bit of news we all saw coming. Actor Hugh Jackman is returning to his famed role as Logan / Wolverine for Disney’s upcoming Deadpool 3 movie starring Ryan Reynolds, set for release on Sept. 6, 2024.

In a one-minute video posted by Reynolds — aka Wade Wilson / Deadpool — Tuesday afternoon, the actor played out a skit that welcomed Jackman back as the beloved superhero.

From shifting ownership of the comic book character, to killing him off in his swan-song flick, Jackman appeared done with the role for good.


Jackman was expected to retire the claws after playing the character for 17 years and appearing in nine X-Men movies as Wolverine.

2017’s Logan played out as Jackman’s final role, acting as the decrepit version of the invincible mutant who (spoiler) dies in the end after handing off his legacy to his younger version, Laura / X-23.

Jackman Returns As Wolverine For Deadpool 3

Still, fans bet on seeing the 53-year-old Jackman return to donning his blades and insane sideburns based on his celebrated portrayal. 

For starters, Disney and the Marvel Cinematic Universe have shown that their strategy after Avengers: Endgame — the franchise’s ultimate box-office success and completion of the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s first three planned phases — hasn’t worked quite well without the OG cast or any recognizable characters.

After this year’s Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness introduced mutants (including a cameo from ol’ Professor X / Patrick Stewart) into the broader MCU narrative, expectations of seeing Jackman pop up in the cinematic universe skyrocketed.

Jackman is still a charismatic actor and has garnered respect for his mental and physical commitment to the role, so Disney probably figured why not

Deadpool 3 will have a new director in Free Guy‘s Shawn Levy and welcomes Ryan Reynolds to his first appearance as the titular character under the Disney banner.

Expect an R Rating For Deadpool 3

The first two movies were rated R for strong violence and language, which is vital to the DP character. Reynolds assured fans that Deadpool 3 would also be R, which should order plenty of on-screen savagery from the rogue Wolverine.

MCU chief Kevin Feige left the door open for X-Men movie characters from days past to appear in his new cinematic universe, but also noted that a complete reboot and recasting of the characters were being considered.

Note: While X-Men fans wax poetic over Logan‘s emotional ride and fatalist tone, X-Men: Days of Future Past (2014) simply kicks more ass.

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