Bryan Harsin’s Sister-In-Law Gives Cryptic Comment On Auburn Hire After Jab At Hugh Freeze

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Hugh Freeze is the new head football coach at Auburn University and Bryan Harsin’s sister-in-law has some thoughts on the hire. She offered a cryptic take on the decision after taking a jab at his brother-in-law’s replacement.

Keli Parks has some thoughts on Bryan Harsin, Hugh Freeze and Auburn.
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Ultimately, things did not work out for Harsin in Auburn. He was fired in the middle of his second season with the Tigers at the end of October after a tumultuous offseason.

To replace Harsin, Auburn officially hired Hugh Freeze earlier this week.

There is a lot of irony in the decision.

For whatever reason, Harsin never seemed to fit on The Plains. He never got much of a fair shake.

Back in February, rumors began to circulate about Harsin’s personal life. The 46-year-old, who is married with two children, was accused of stepping out on his wife to pursue a scandalous relationship with one of his staffers.


Although the origin of the gossip is unknown, there is an overwhelming belief that it came from people around the program in an effort to stage something of a coup. There was a large subset of folks at Auburn who did not like the Harsin hire to begin with and perhaps they tried to get him out.

Either way, to reiterate, the stories that surfaced were not true.

Harsin’s sister-in-law — fitness model Keli Park — said to me at the time:

“Everyone will find out sooner then (sic) later. This is a modern day witch hunt and it’s disgusting.”

Now, nine months later, Harsin is out and Freeze is in. The latter comes with a lot of baggage of his own.

In addition to allegations surrounding the harassment of a sexual assault victim at Liberty, he was also accused of inappropriate behavior while coaching on the high-school level prior to his time at Ole Miss.

All of the various claims against Hugh Freeze are a terrible look.

However, one particular scenario stands out in regard to the decision to replace Harsin. Freeze was hired to replace a man who was incorrectly said to have stepped out on his marriage in efforts to get him fired, but may have done exactly that himself.

Hugh Freeze comes with a salacious past.

While at Ole Miss, Freeze was caught making at least 12 phone calls to escort services on a university-issued phone. He resigned in shame in 2017 after an internal investigation found a ‘concerning pattern’ of calls to a phone number associated with a female escort service.

Now Freeze is the head coach at Auburn— the same school that had people try to get Harsin fired for an untrue scandal of similar nature. See the irony?

Not long after Freeze’s hire was made official, Park took a jab at her brother-in-law’s replacement on Instagram.

Bryan Harsin’s sister-in-law jabs at the Hugh Freeze hire. (Image courtesy: @kelisparky/Instagram)

When asked for her thoughts on Auburn’s decision to hire Hugh Freeze, Park offered a cryptic message exclusively to OutKick:

“I think it’s a perfect match for what Auburn wants,” she said. That was it. She went no further.

Although Park left a lot of room for interpretation, it is clear that she has some strong opinions on how her brother-in-law was treated on The Plains and how the university chose to replace him.

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