Howard Stern Nears Record-Breaking Nine-Figure SiriusXM Deal

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Howard Stern is close to a contract extension with SiriusXM. According to Bloomberg, the renewal will raise his salary to a ground-breaking $120 million per year.

Stern’s current contract, which pays him between $80 and 100 million a year, runs through December. 

In July, SiriusXM CEO Jim Meyer spoke about the threat of a podcast player luring Stern away:

“I think the issue in the renewal with Howard is what does Howard want to do going forward now that he’s seen, you know, what is going on in podcasting.”

Meyer was referring to Joe Rogan, who cashed in for $100 million with Spotify. Stern’s deal is almost certain to top that, though it’s still unclear how many years Rogan signed for.

Stern fits with SiriusXM better than Rogan does with Spotify. Rogan’s licensing deal is off to a rough start. Spotify employees are trying to censor Rogan’s show and threatening to strike if they don’t get their way

Howard Stern isn’t the “crazy person” he once was, he says. But he remains the best radio host in the country.

After Tom Brady signed with the Bucs, Stern landed the first sit-down Zoom interview, even though he’s not a sportscaster.

Stern is so dominant, SiriusXM’s shares rose 7% once reports came out that the parties were close to a deal.

Fans of the Howard Stern Show now await the question: what will Howard’s new schedule be?

Written by Bobby Burack

Bobby Burack covers media, politics, and sports at OutKick.


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  1. Hey Bobby…ahead of the curve – as always – with thought-provoking writing and content.
    Say…you remember the 1630s right? The Dutch Golden Age?
    The first speculative bubble in history…tulip mania.

    So here’s the deal (channeling my hero, China Joe)…
    IF WE TAKE A STEP BACK…and do as we were told to do in school…question everything…
    PODCASTS…okay…new technology…and they generate revenue how?
    Sponsors…oh, okay. Sponsors pay b/c the podcaster guarantees he can provide LIVE PEEPS to listen and to BUY stuff the sponsor wants to sell.

    That’s how the tulip bulb mania started. Out of the blue, somebody figured out how to hype the concept of a MARKET for tulip bulbs….who didn’t LOVE TULIPS back in the day? Folks would go out on “the street” (the term for Wall Street 150 years later) and trade tulip futures.
    Wiki: “Tulip mania reached its peak during the winter of 1636–37, when some bulbs were reportedly changing hands ten times in a day. No deliveries were ever made to fulfill any of these contracts, because in February 1637, tulip bulb contract prices collapsed abruptly and the trade of tulips ground to a halt.”

    WHAT HAPPENS WHEN – NOT IF – but WHEN people stop listening on a regular basis? When new live bait can’t be found?
    When Stern’s numbers start to decrease? When a snowball rolling downhill gets bigger and bigger…and the downward momentum cannot be stopped.

    Do we know HOW FAST this podcast BUBBLE WILL BURST in spectacular fashion?!?!?!
    We all know how manias end…and it’s not pretty.

    I don’t think you’re saying it here…or even wondering…but I am lol. I bet you’ve got that gnawing thing going on in your very astute commercial brain lol…not blowing smoke at’cha.

    • I’m wondering out loud if Howard Stern will be the straw that breaks the camel’s back. The irony would be outta bounds. The king of all media is the guy who breaks the podcast paradigm!!! WOW!!!
      If Howard doesn’t get his deal…b/c media geniuses start to wonder over a few scotches and a NY strip that what if THEY’RE left holding the bag??? Musical chairs. Do I wanna pay with my lungs for a guy who’s best years are behind him? That’s all it takes. And the snowball starts rolling.

      • Hey Bobby…just to tighten up the analogy…we all know how the NFL QB contract is on a never ending UP elevator.
        All the sports talk shows agree that NEXT MAN UP deserves a bigger contract (though Patrick Mahomes deal may have ruined the analogy). But putting Mahomet, the outlier, aside…
        EVERY new veteran QB contract was predicated on the MEDIA shouting that the previous QB got X-dollars, so the next QB deserves X+5, or X times 3.
        Are the stats backing up the claim? Rarely…but it’s “NEXT MAN UP”…so that’s it. period.

        So that’s my point with podcasts. The elevator is always going UP? Hmmmmm.

  2. I’ve never really listened to Stern (I guess he peaked when I was a youngin) but I listened in a few times over the years. I don’t think he show is that great but maybe I just never knew the peak, non-PC Stern. I listened one time recently and he was talking about corona and being smug and virtuous about it.

    But to keep it all the way 100, the only reason I subscribe to SiriusXM is to listen to All Out Show with Rude Jude. I also enjoy the Jason Ellis show. Not sure what their numbers are but from what I heard those are 2 of the highest rated shows (outside of Stern). This seems to me like a 2016 Kobe Bryant lifetime achievement contact but I could be wrong. Is Stern still that popular??

    • I’d be interested to see what his ratings are compared to Jude & Ellis. I’m sure he is by far the most popular personality on SXM but $120M/year popular? Jude & Ellis prolly make $100-200K per year(I’m guessing). Stern’s show would have to be doing at least 600x the ratings to justify that contract (which I doubt but maybe I’m wrong?).

  3. I quit listening to Stern months ago. He’s all about politics and bashes Trump every chance he gets. I mean EVERY SINGLE DAY. couldn’t listen anymore. No matter how much I liked Richard getting beer poured down his asshole……it’s not enough to keep me listening.

  4. Show is horrible. He was great in the 90s and when he first joined SiriusXM. Now he’s part of the Hollywood elite that he once railed against. Show isn’t funny. He has no antagonists on the show and what he gets from interviews is no different that what Ryan Seacrest would get. He should retire so we can remember when he was actually great.

  5. I remember Stern from back when I was a kid & he was at WNBC in NYC. I loved his early 90’s WWOR show…I even uploaded a few of them to YouTube until their censorship mob took them down. And he was a great listen during the post 9/11 years.

    Once one of the original anti-PC poster children…now’s he’s just a predictable man-child mouthing off the same left-wing, Trump-obsessed rants.

    Fa Fa Flunkie…..

  6. Howard Stern has made himself irrelevant by going woke. No one cares about him anymore. I’m sure his ratings are trash. These are probably fake numbers to make headlines. It’s a total waste of money. Satellite could find the best radio talent around the country and sign them and still have over 110 million left over.

  7. I also left the Stern show once the virus hit. His fear and paranoia of the virus and woke-ness totally ruined it for me. Him hoping Trump supporters would drink bleach and die was the last straw. I cancelled him after that. Too bad.

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