‘House Of The Dragon’ Season 2 Will Continue Filming, Despite Actors Striking

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“House of the Dragon” won’t be derailed by the strikes consuming Hollywood.

Actors joined the writers striking against studios, and that means the entertainment industry has come to a grinding halt. Actors aren’t reporting to work, press tours have been canceled or paused and it appears there will be very little content coming out of Hollywood for a very long time.

However, “House of the Dragon” is, fortunately, insulated from the chaos. Deadline reported the hit “Game of Thrones” prequel on HBO will continue production this summer because the cast is mostly British “working under Equity contracts rather than SAG-AFTRA ones.”

“House of the Dragon” not impacted by actors striking. (Credit: HBO)

Actors under Equity contracts were advised by SAG-AFTRA to continue working. Furthermore, the United Kingdom has strict anti-trade union laws that don’t allow workers to strike with people in other countries, according to Deadline.

That means that while the rest of Hollywood has smashed the pause button, “House of the Dragon” carries forward.

“House of the Dragon” won’t stop filming season two.

No matter what your opinion is on the writers’ strike or the actors joining the strike, fans will definitely be happy to hear “House of the Dragon” will continue filming.

Season one wrapped back in October 2022, and it was an incredible season of television. The “Game of Thrones” prequel definitely felt like “GoT’ at its best.

Fans were also left with an epic ending to set the stage for a major war in season two.

“House of the Dragon” season production continues, despite actors in America striking. (Credit: HBO)

The expectation has been that season two will arrive in summer 2024. If production had been derailed, the release could easily have been pushed to 2025.

Fortunately, striking isn’t a concern because the mostly-British cast is working under different contracts than the SAG-AFTRA ones that have actors striking in America.

When will season two of “House of the Dragon” premiere? (Credit: HBO)

When will the strikes in Hollywood end? The answer is pretty bleak. There’s no indication the situation between actors, writers and studios is nearing an end. In fact, all sides appear to be dug in. That means you shouldn’t expect new TV series for the foreseeable future. At least fans can sit back and rest easy knowing “House of the Dragon” remains on schedule.

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