‘House Of The Dragon’ Finale Sets Twitter On Fire, Check Out The Best Reactions

Season one of “House of the Dragon” is in the books, and the finale was incredible.

The tenth and final episode of season one aired Sunday night on HBO (you can read Clay’s review here), and as expected, viewers were given complete chaos.

Despite Queen Rhaenyra’s best attempts at diplomacy to prove she’s the rightful ruler of the Iron Throne, Prince Aemond accidentally murders her son Luc. In the closing seconds in season one of “House of the Dragon,” it’s clear she’s now embraced the hate and is ready for war.

Well, people on Twitter had plenty of thoughts on how it all shook out in the season finale, and it seems like mostly, “House of the Dragon” fans were pleased.

Even I had to chime in and let the world know I thought the season one finale was pretty epic.

After ten great episodes, season one is in the books, and it’s very clear Rhaenyra, Daemon and those loyal to the pair are ready for war in whatever comes next in “House of the Dragon.”

Seeing as how vicious Targaryens can get, that’s bad news for Alicent, Otto and Aegon.

“House of the Dragon” ends with strong season one finale. (Credit: HBO)

Now, we sit and wait for new “House of the Dragon” episodes to drop at some point in 2023 or 2024. I have no doubt it will be just as chaotic as fans have come to expect.

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