‘House Of The Dragon’ Season Three Mapped Out, Could Run For Four Total: REPORT

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“House of the Dragon” is reportedly shaping up to run for a total of four seasons.

The “Game of Thrones” prequel was a monster hit for HBO in 2022, and fans now wait for season two to get here.

We already know the second season is expected in 2024 and will run a couple episodes shorter than season one. It also turns out HBO might already have its eyes on how everything will get wrapped up.

The “Game of Thrones” prequel series will keep rolling.

Deadline reported season three is currently “mapped out” and could be greenlit before season two even airs. HBO reportedly is interested in committing to a long term plan instead of season-to-season, which is where the show sits right now.

The network is also reportedly leaning towards running “House of the Dragon” for a total of four seasons, according to the same report.

“House of the Dragon” is an outstanding show. (Credit: HBO)

However, that’s not a guarantee. Nothing has been decided on that front, and it sounds like it’s still possible “House of the Dragon” runs for only three.

Either way, it sounds like HBO is committed to giving “House of the Dragon” fans at least two more seasons of action.

Fans can’t get enough of “House of the Dragon” on HBO.

HBO has a lot of great shows, and “House of the Dragon” is right at the top of the list. Over the past few years, the only other HBO series that holds up compared to it is “The Last of Us.”

Both put up monster ratings and captivated ratings. “House of the Dragon” had a built-in audience already due to it being a “Game of Thrones” prequel, and it used that audience to catapult to the top of the entertainment world.

“House of the Dragon” could go for as many as four seasons. (Credit: HBO)

A lot of sequels and prequels disappoint. Very few spin offs crush it. Not only was “House of the Dragon” awesome, but it was every bit as great as fans hoped it would be.

Watching the rise of Rhaenyra and all the issues with House Targaryen was a hell of a fun ride in season one. There’s no doubt season two and whatever follows will be just as epic.

How many seasons will “House of the Dragon” last? (Credit: HBO)

Will fans get three or four seasons? That remains to be seen, but what we know for sure is HBO nailed season one. Let’s hope the momentum continues.

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