‘House Of The Dragon’ Premiere Dominates Twitter

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“Game of Thrones” fans were unbelievably excited to soak up “House of the Dragon.”

The highly-anticipated “Game of Thrones” prequel premiered Sunday night on HBO, and fans returning to the world of “GoT” absolutely dominated Twitter.

“House of the Dragon” premiere trends on Twitter. (Credit: HBO)

The show about the Targaryens trended long before the 9:00 EST start time and as of Monday morning, it’s still the top topic on the social media platform.

After more than three years without any new “Game of Thrones” content, fans dived head first into “House of the Dragon,” and the excitement was evident.

All you have to do is fire up Twitter to see plenty of awesome and epic reactions to the premiere of HBO’s next great hit.

There are very few shows capable of taking the reins on social media and refusing to let go. “Game of Thrones” did it back in the day, “Yellowstone” does it with ease but other than those two, there are no series that really jump to mind when it comes to knowing the content will trend.

“House of the Dragon” premiere dominates Twitter. (Credit: HBO)

Well, after the insane reactions that have been rolling in since Sunday night, it’s crystal clear “House of the Dragon” is going to take the country by storm.

For those of you who didn’t watch Sunday night, I suggest you get caught up ASAP. This isn’t going to be a series where you’re capable of avoiding spoilers.

“House of the Dragon” premiere dominates social media. (Credit: HBO)

Also, make sure to check back for the latest updates on “House of the Dragon” updates as we have them at OutKick. We’ll be covering it all season long!

P.S.: In case you didn’t already know, my thoughts on the premiere were very blunt.

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