‘House Of The Dragon’ Makes Embarrassing Mistake

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An embarrassing mistake slipped into the latest “House of the Dragon” episode.

The third episode of the hit HBO series dropped this past Sunday, and fans noticed an eyebrow-raising error.

“House of the Dragon” makes noticeable mistake in episode three. (Credit: HBO)

The green screen glove worn by Paddy Considine so King Viserys’s missing fingers can be edited out somehow made it into the final cut without anyone noticing.

Yes, a high-value HBO production, once again, allowed a simple editing error to make it to our screens.

HBO, as expected, is expected to fix the situation, despite the fact the error is already all over the internet, according to Variety.

This also isn’t the first time something like this has happened. Most famously, a coffee cup that appeared to be from Starbucks managed to find its way into a season eight “Game of Thrones” episode.

Now, “House of Dragon” has made an embarrassing mistake of its own.

Mistakes happen, but seeing as how many eyeballs are on “House of the Dragon” and how much money has been spent to make it an amazing series, it’s a bit hard to understand how these mistakes happen.

Yet, it did and now there are photos of Paddy Considine wearing a green screen glove while in-character.

It’s a tough look for HBO to say the least.

“House of the Dragon” makes embarrassing mistake. (Credit: HBO)

Hopefully, the network gets it figured out going forward because this is a completely avoidable and unacceptable error.

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