New ‘House Of The Dragon’ Preview Promises Absolute Carnage

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The second to last “House of the Dragon” episode of season one looks absolutely insane.

Episode eight aired this past Sunday night on HBO (you can read Clay’s recap here), and it’s clear the stage is set for war between the Hightowers and the forces loyal to Rhaenyra and Daemon.

Judging from the preview for episode nine, Otto and his side will be as vicious and cunning as ever. Give it a watch below.

The political jockeying will be underway in the latest episode of “House of the Dragon.”

Episode eight ended with King Viserys dying and indicating he wants Aegon to be king instead of his long chosen successor Rhaenyra.

There’s just one problem. The only person who heard him say it was his wife Queen Alicent. Who is going to believe her?

Logically, the answer is nobody and her father Otto knows it. That’s why he must control the narrative of what’s happening.

New “House of the Dragon” episode offers major clues about what’s coming. (Credit: HBO)

In the preview, Otto states “the door remains shut until we finish our business” and he then indicates to someone they need to remain secret.

Clearly, he’s plotting to steal the Iron Throne before people can formulate a plan to carry out the original succession plans for Rhaenyra.

Who is the mysterious person he was speaking to? What door is remaining shut? Is Rhaenyra being held captive? Is the king’s death being kept secret?

“House of the Dragon” has two episodes left in season one. (Credit: HBO)

These are the questions fans need answered, and we’ll at least get the ball rolling Sunday when episode nine of “House of the Dragon” airs. Give us your predictions in the comments below.

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  1. “Episode eight ended with King Viserys dying and indicating he wants Aegon to be king instead of his long chosen successor Rhaenyra.”

    Bzzt. Wrong answer. The king thinks he is talking to Rhaenyra (he’s talking about a conversation he had with Rhaenyra — not with Alicent — earlier in the episode) and when he says Aegon, he is referring to Aegon the first (not the second of his name, i.e. his son). Viserys wants Rhaenyra to unite the kingdom. Alicent _thinks_ he is talking about their son but he isn’t.

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