House Democrat Whip Katherine Clark Says Child Wakes Up With Nightmares Over ‘Climate Change’

A child of incoming House Democratic Whip Katherine Clark once suffered from night terrors.

Sunday, Clark recalled a particular moment when her child awoke in the middle of the night to “nightmares” over climate change concerns.

“I remember my middle child waking up with nightmares over concern around climate change,” Clark told Chuck Todd on “Meet the Press.”

Here’s proof Clark uttered these words on broadcast television, to no pushback:

One of two scenarios is possible:

1) Katherine Clark is lying about her child’s experiences to stoke hysteria around climate change for political gain.

2) She aggressively instilled unjust fear into her child, causing them to lose sleep over a political talking point.

We hope it’s the former for the sake of the child. Sincerely.

Imagine the degree of dramatics a child would have to endure to experience nightmares over long-term shifts in weather patterns.

Perhaps Clark had her child read articles from Mother Jones instead of tossing the ball at the park with peers. That’d do it.

House Democrat Whip Katherine Clark.

Did Little Clark DVR “Morning Joe” and skip the early seasons of “Rugrats”? That’d also do it.

GOP consultant Michael Duncan shared our concerns about the parenting tactics taking place in the Clark household.

“Would snitch to CPS if someone told me this lol,” he tweeted above the clip.

At least the child of the incoming House Democratic Whip doesn’t have nightmares over white privilege and Russian collusion. At least not yet.

Written by Bobby Burack

Bobby Burack covers media, politics, and sports at OutKick.


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