Hot Mic Catches NHL Ref Making Up A Call, Now He’s Been Fired

The NHL has dropped the hammer on NHL referee Tim Peel after he was caught making up a penalty call on a hot mic during Tuesday’s Predators-Red Wings game in Nashville. The NHL released a statement Wednesday morning saying Peel is done in the league.

“There wasn’t much but I wanted to get a f–king penalty against Nashville,” Peel could be heard saying on the hot mic. The Preds won 2-0, but it doesn’t matter. Peel’s history.

“Nothing is more important than ensuring the integrity of our game,” the NHL VP of Hockey Operations Colin Campbell said in the league’s official statement. “Tim Peel’s conduct is in direct contradiction to the adherence to that cornerstone principle that we demand of our officials and that our fans, players, coaches and all those associated with our game expect and deserve. There is no justification for his comments, no matter the context or his intention, and the National Hockey League will take any and all steps necessary to protect the integrity our game.”

According to an NHL ref bio page, the 53-year-old Peel worked 1,343 regular-season games and 90 playoff games as of February 1. He reffed first NHL game in 1999. He also worked the 2014 Sochi Olympic Games and the 2012 All-Star Game.

Written by Joe Kinsey

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  1. I had Nashville on the puck line last night (-1.5 goals)
    If I had lost the bet because of him then I would be thinking about another Tim Donaghy.

    The NHL needs to explain why he wanted the penalty.
    Hates country music?
    Player banging his wife?

  2. Sounds like the comment was cut short? I’d love to hear more on reasoning for the comment….maybe it’s valid. I mean, haven’t refs commonly blown early whistles to keep games under control?

    And to put a political spin on this……here is the real life example of why a business can have zero tolerance of fraud, none, nil, nada, not a wiff! Sports leagues understand that if a player shaves a single point, a ref leans one degree away from center, a coach gambles on any sport at all…….their entire competitive integrity is screwed.

    But yet……we have to have “wide-spread, undeniable proof” of voter fraud before we consider an election questionable. Forget R’s or D’s…….we need to view elections like sport leagues view corruption, otherwise we’ll be calling foul each election no matter which way they go.

  3. This is not unique to hockey, referees definitely make make-up calls in all sports. I think the punishment is totally overblown, should’ve been suspended for a few weeks, but it’s clear a lot of people in the NHL don’t like this guy, and used this as an excuse to get him out.

  4. Hold bad refs accountable. Don’t fire them for makeup calls.. instead fine, suspend, and then fire refs that make bad calls to begin with. This will prevent them from making more bad calls to make up for other bad calls.

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