ESPN Tries To Cancel Rich Strike's Trainer Over Months-Old Tweet About Kamala Harris

ESPN couldn't make the Kentucky Derby about race, so they switched to politics.

On Wednesday, during an Outside the Lines episode, ESPN host John Barr interviewed Eric Reed , Kentucky Derby winner Rich Strike’s trainer, and asked Reed if he had ever tweeted anything remotely negative about Vice President Kamala Harris.

In typical ESPN fashion, the host had a tweet in question hiding in his back pocket after a considerable investigation over a matter that no one would care about if not for the hard-hitting journalism at ESPN.

Barr's tweet in question, posted back in January, poked fun at Kamala Harris by stating that her only qualification for the role was being "good on her knees."

The tweet came from an account that appeared to match a description of Reed, but without confirming whether it is the man himself.

The now-private Twitter account's bio reads: “Horse trainer and Reagan conservative. Fantasy Football fanatic, Owner of Mercury Equine Center.”

Winning the 148th running of the Kentucky Derby with one of the most incredible underdog odds ever, Rich Strike sparked an overnight sensation.

Reed denied Barr's accusation and circled back to discussing the historic win by Rich Strike.

“Haven’t been told about it. I don’t know what’s going on out there. I’m more concerned with Richie and what’s going on with us," Reed said, "and this great horse, and how much he’s helping everybody. So, there’s haters out there, and that’s about how I’m gonna leave something like that.”

The horse's victory also marked Reed's first-ever Derby win.

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