Hornets Are So Bad, LaMelo Ball Can’t Wait To Leave Arena

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LaMelo Ball wastes little time distancing himself from the Charlotte Hornets post-game. Red lights be damned.

Ball’s Hornets are the NBA’s fourth-worst team. They have just 17 wins on the season. That’s nearly as many wins as red lights Ball’s shot through following Charlotte home games.

Twitter user @IcyVert compiled a video of Ball hastily leaving numerous Hornets games this season – we’ll assume they were loses – and instantly breaking traffic laws.

Ball appears about as eager to stop at red lights as the Hornets are to play defense.

21-year-old LaMelo Ball is obviously in a hurry, for no good reason. Tens of fans are waiting near the player’s garage. But let’s be real, no one’s there to see anyone associated with Big Baller Brand. The only reason anyone would waste their time standing around the Hornets’ garage is for a glimpse of the team’s owner, Michael Jordan.

And last I checked, GOATs don’t drive.

Nevertheless, Ball regularly speeds out of the garage like an idiot. There is never much traffic, but that doesn’t stop him from darting around like he’s a Kardashian with the paparazzi in pursuit.

LaMelo Ball’s team stinks and so does his driving. (Photo by Jacob Kupferman/Getty Images)

Now in his third NBA season, Ball is averaging more than 23 points, 8 assists and 6 boards a game. He’s been tough to defend, but so is his performance behind the wheel.

You can’t blame Ball for wanting to leave the loses behind, and quickly. But his decision making makes you wonder how he could possibly be a point guard. What kind of floor general would so regularly ignore traffic laws on such a regular basis? Moreso, my man does it in the most unique cars possible.

You gotta be smarter ‘Melo. The purple SUV or two-toned sports car doesn’t exactly scream “discrete.”

Chalk it down as another loss for Charlotte.

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Written by Anthony Farris

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