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We’ve officially entered the offseason, it’s time to get work done before spring rolls in

If you guys are like me and you live north of the Ohio River, you know what this weekend means for the rest of your year. You know that it’s weekends like this one that will pretty much set the tone for 2021. It’s the first free weekend you’ve had from football and let’s face it, spring is looming. It’s now do or die as far as inside projects go.

Looking at the calendar, I know that March 17 is pretty much the demarcation line between my winter mode and golf/garden/power washing the patio furniture time of year. I have to go into the first full open weekend of the year thinking of how to utilize my time wisely because we all know next weekend’s a bender only to be followed by Daytona 500 Sunday. That’s two Sundays completely wiped out. Guys, we quickly run out of weekends before March 13 (daylight savings) and then St. Patrick’s Day on a Wednesday. FOCUS!

That’s why this weekend it’s time to do the drop ceiling in one spot of the basement. It’s not a huge area. We’re talking 20 2X2 tiles. That said, two cans need to go in and be wired. But before that, I need to slam a few sheets of insulation between the joists. My goal with this project is to pretty much soundproof the basement. Between using solid core doors & Roxul Rockwool insulation, I’m feeling pretty confident this is going to be a complete success.

So we tie up some loose ends today, throw college basketball on the TVs, hammer out the to-do list and use these weekends wisely before it’s time to suck down patio beers. Those glorious Thursdays of mowing and cracking beers are nearly here. Now get out there and have a productive weekend!

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  1. I don’t think I could watch five minutes of NASCAR much less a whole race. But If you can enjoy that type of thing God bless you you’re a fortunate man. For me it’s English, German, and Spanish football to carry us through to summer. Summer will feature the European football championships. And then will re-rack college football in September.

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