Hooters Under Fire For Sponsoring Kids Soccer Team

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A youth soccer team in the United Kingdom is getting a lot of attention thanks to their sponsor: Hooters Nottingham.

The restaurant announced that they would be sponsoring the Burton Joyce Under 10s soccer team.

While a sponsorship like that would elicit high-fives from opposing players, coaches, and fathers, others found the sponsorship to be in poor taste.

Not Everyone’s A Fan Of The Hooters Sponsorship

Some were upset that the home of £11.99 all-you-can-eat wings Mondays was sponsoring a youth soccer team.

According to the Daily Mail, one critic asked, “Why are Hooters sexualising kids and who on earth allowed them?” That’s a wild leap when we live in an era where actual attempts to sexualize children get ignored or defended.

Yet a wing joint with short skirts gives kids money so they can play soccer, that’s a bridge too far.

Plus, children are allowed to go to Hooters. It’s a restaurant, not a strip club. I’d even bet that Hooters is one of the hottest spots in Nottingham.

Every Kid Would Love Having Hooters Sponsor Their Youth Sports Team

I wish Hotters would’ve sponsored one of my teams growing up. They were always sponsored by like plumbers, concrete mixing companies, or the local Elks Lodge.

They always say to play for the logo on the front not the name on the back. I would’ve played a bit harder if the logo on the front was Hooters instead of a local diner.

How cool would it have been to celebrate a win or drown your sorrows after a loss with some Shirley Temples and a dozen wings served up by a lass in orange shorts?

You’d go back to school the next day walking a little bit taller.

Here’s a tip of the cap to the fine folks at Hooters Nottingham for giving those kids the money to play soccer (which, fun fact, they call football over there).

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