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‘My faith in humanity is restored’

I was golfing with Diesel from the text group early Sunday morning when he started telling the story about how he’s losing faith in people, especially Facebook Marketplace shoppers. Diesel recently replaced his privacy fence and had 8-foot panels for pickup listed on Marketplace.

First day, he had like 40 people wanting the panels. He tells some guy to come get them. The guy never shows.

He picks some other lady to get the fence. Tells her to come get them. Yep, I’ll be right there. Never shows.

Diesel was beaten down over the whole ordeal. He was burning his valuable time sitting at home waiting on these people to come get the fence and the no-shows were wearing on his patience. These people were adamant they were on the way.

Fast-forward to Monday morning.

“A dad came and got my fence this morning. It all works out the way it’s supposed to. It’s for his young daughter who just moved out,” Diesel reported.

Keep the faith in humanity. There are good people out there like Diesel and Rich. It’s inspiring when the superpowers of good do business together.

My war against the yellow jackets

I’ve officially opened up a frontline against the yellow jackets who have started to make eating on the patio impossible because they’re relentless around the food. It doesn’t matter how much swatting and waving hands we do, they’re hungry. So last night I went shopping at the local hardware store — Amazon — and found some traps I’m going to test.

From what I understand, you provide the yellow jackets a special cocktail in the trap and they go bye-bye. We’ll see how this works.

• Ron M. writes:

A few hours before you bring food outdoors, set traps around the edge of your yard. Make sure cat food (tuna flavored works best) are well away from picnic areas, to lure yellowjackets away from people and food.


Thanks for the suggestion, Ron. I’ll keep it on my list if these Amazon traps don’t work. They get 4 1/2 stars out of thousands of reviews, so I have high hopes to regain the patio during dinners.

Possum supporters speak up

• Ryan S. in Charlottesville, VA writes:

Joe,  Good morning.  I must respectfully disagree with Warren M. and point number 1 that he made in yesterday’s Screencaps.  Raccoons maybe nasty, but give my back yard Opossums any time.  You see, here in Virginia we have a problem with ticks, and a single opossum can consume up to 5,000 ticks annually.   

Ticks can cause all sorts of nasty diseases, but in my opinion, the most awful is Alpha-gal syndrome.  This condition is spread through the bite of the Lone Star tick and makes people allergic to red meat and other products made from animals.  After getting bitten, the next few weeks feel like Russian Roulette when having a burger.  So, give me and my yard the gross opossums any day of the week.


• John H. writes:

This is John H the Nuclear Inspector !!   I ran across this pic and knew there was only one place for it.  If there’s a mower hall of fame the beauty belongs in it.    Breaker 1 9, how boutcha bandit this is the “mowman” got your ears on.   

More travel ball talk because you guys just keep sending me content

Multiple people sent in this bit from Pat McGann. The Instagram algorithm must know you’ve been clicking on a bunch of Screencaps posts dealing with travel ball and BOOM you get this on your feed.


Transfer portal

• Chad R. writes:

I hope you are doing well.  I was just curious if you think the transfer portal in college athletics has put coaches on the clock where they are now expected to achieve success faster than before, or if you believe the portal hasn’t really changed that aspect?  Thanks again.


I’m not sure they’re on a shorter leash than before. It feels like there was always a short leash for these guys unless your name is Jimbo Fisher and you have a huge contract. Outside of Ryan Day and his back-to-back disasters against Michigan, I’m not even aware of coaches who are hot-seat candidates.

Honestly, I’m really softening on college football and my level of care. Of course, I’m a diehard when it comes to watching the big games and locking in for the best of the best. My level of care for Kentucky-Missouri SEC Network games just isn’t there.

Times are changin’ Chad.

BTW, what happened to all the characters of college football? I cannot name a single CFB character to zero in on heading into this season. Do we have a guy who moves the social media needle? If so, I’m drawing blanks.


• Rick D. in Brentwood, TN wants your input:

There was some buzz on Screencaps about the return of Justified. Wondering what people think. I personally think Justified Primeval is basically a new show with no connection so far to the original series, one that I would never be drawn to or watch at all. The original Justified had well-developed characters, tied together by a rural community with connections that went back years if not generations. 

Even the villains were relatable. The main bad guy in Justified Primeval, totally overacted by Boyd Holbrook, seems to be in it for the love of killing, motivated to crime for the sport of it all. He kills a judge and executes his passenger over a simple road rage incident. I can’t believe they chose to get Raylan tangled up in inner-city street crime in Detroit. They should have just created an entirely new show.

Sarasota Amish

• Lee D. writes:

Yeah, there’s an enclave of Amish in the southern part of Sarasota. Their restaurants are dynamite — and packed. 


There’s not a day that goes by on here when I don’t learn something to put in the back of the memory bank. Today’s it’s the fact that some Amish winter in Sarasota. I had absolutely no idea. Here I thought the elders just hunkered down through the winter in northern states until the spring thaw.

Not so!

Cocaine sharks

First it was cocaine hippos. Then Cocaine Bear. Now cocaine sharks.

What’s next?

Don’t forget to cancel your Peacock sub

• John L. writes:

Today was the end of the Tour de France, so naturally I immediately cancelled my subscription. Wouldn’t you know that those assholes came back and offered me 6 more months at only $1.99 each. F–k ’em!

That’s it. We’re ready to roll today. The heat is finally going to get cranked up here in Ohio heading into the Put-In-Bay Two-Club Invitational weekend.

Remember: The NFL Hall of Fame game is NEXT THURSDAY. I know we’ve been treading water the last 6-8 weeks through the heart of the summer, but things are about to crank up. Let’s get our heads right before the pigskin heats up. Clear your brain by listening to the birds chirp away on the patio.

Soak up summer.

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