Hooters Model Emily Johnson Stops By, Sumo Targeting & Justin Thomas’ Patriotic Ryder Cup Cleats

Well, it’s not completely dark and raining for the first time in like 50 hours

You’re damn right I’m not mowing the yard tonight for league. I was scrolling through Facebook this morning looking for the latest Spirit Airlines/Waffle House/IHOP fight videos and saw the local weather guy talking about how this part of Ohio just went through the biggest rainfall in 101 years — at the airport. The final total was 4.67″

There were areas around here that clocked in at nearly six inches. No matter how you slice it, the yards are soaked and I’ve called an official rainout for mowers in this area. You guys have the night off. Enjoy a night in the garage.

I spent last night in the basement watching sumo wrestling on NHK Japan and it was dry down there so that’s very encouraging. I’m no expert on these things, but it has to be positive that the basement withstood a 101-year rainfall. That seems to be a win this week.

• Speaking of the sumo wrestling I watched on TV last night, this sport is really starting to grow on me. Screencaps reader Rob D. spent time back in July going over the finer points of the sport with me, but I’d forgotten he said the Sumo ‘Autumn Basho’ would go for TWO WEEKS! It’s an hour of content each night and ZERO commercials. I sit down, watch these bigguns slam into each other and then show off their stand-up game.

Those of you who still have cable can look for the events on NHK Japan. I’m told you can also find the ‘Autumn Basho’ on Twitch. The final day of action is September 26, so you have time to dig into the content and get hooked like I am.

Now I need to dig into the sumo diet, the training, the GOATs (Tom Bradys, Michael Jordans) of the sport, etc.

• Guy G. writes:

Damn it Joe! I looked in the closet this morning, and thought, ‘it’s cool, it’s raining, and I have to take a tree down later tonight….I’m wearing my flannel today’.

Now, here I sit at my desk, lumped in with pumpkin spice latte drinkers. I suppose I can retire this shirt till Dec 21st.

• Berend S. sure knows how to kick a guy when he’s down! I mention how my Reds are a disaster, and Berend goes and fires off a tweet bragging about his Cardinals. I’d rather have my Reds in the old NL West playing the Dodgers, Giants and Padres over having to deal with Cardinals fans. I’m sure Berend is a nice guy because he’s a Screencaps reader, but he didn’t have to do this to me during this tough time as the Cardinals are on their way to the playoffs. Go away, Cardinals!

In honor of the Cards 10 game win streak and your Reds complete collapse I thought I’d share this picture that I took a couple of weeks ago at Busch. It was on Bob Gibson day and the Cards beat the Pirates 3-0. Waino pitched a gem (8 IP, 2 H, 0 R). Just a perfect day to be at the ballpark!

I’m sorry the Reds have disappointed you yet again. Jump on the Cards wagon and let’s hope they can ride this to a solid playoff run!
Thanks again for the morning laughs,
• Moving along, what’s the best thing you’ve bought lately?
Email: joekinsey@gmail.com
• Personally, I think the basketball hoop for my son has to be my best purchase over the last few months. Yes, it was for my son, but I find myself jumping five inches off the ground to touch the rim here and there.
Now it’s time to buy something for me. No, I’m not buying a $65,000 truck. Or a boat. But I’d like to hear what’s out there right now.

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