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iPhone issues…I’ve heard you loud and clear…I can’t guarantee a fix, but today is a start

The first thing you’ll notice about today’s post is that I purposely didn’t load it up with the typical embed dump. You’re damn right I wanted to go bigger, but today is a test to see if we can find a happy place for the tech gods to just load this damn post so we can go on with life as it was before your iPhone started reloading 3-4 times before timing out.

Yes, the IT department has been told of the issues. Now they get to attempt to replicate the issue.

Yes, the IT department knows your concerns with the ‘Read More’ button, but I’m not in a position to do anything about that button. All I can do is forward your concerns (not all of them…my inbox is inundated) and see if there’s a resolution.

Yes, the IT/developer department has a million things going on. I can’t guarantee success today or tomorrow. All I can try to do is find a happy spot and then target that each day.

So…let me know if today’s post loads.

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But…but…but…I really liked how Screencaps was before and I don’t want it to shrink


And I really don’t like receiving dozens and dozens of emails saying there are issues with the post. Honestly, it’s one of the things I’ve dealt with for 16 years on the Internet that I wish would disappear.

But here we are. Like the Jets having to pull Zach Wilson off the bench where they hoped he would stay for the next 2-3 years, we all have to adjust in the face of adversity.

Survive and advance. That’s my Internet strategy. One day at a time. Do your job. Next man up. Next blog post up. One Instagram model embed at a time. One iPhone issue at a time.

Head down. Work, work, work.

‘Ads that bother me’

• Speaking of ad issues, Franco writes:

Haagen-Dazs is running a series of ads with young people biting off the bottoms of ice cream cones then walking away like they are some kind of rebel that swims against the tide of societal norms.

For me, the reality check is that the ice cream cone is going to melt all over their clothes soon after and they’ll look like slobs and never get laid again.

What are other ads that irk the SC community?

You guys got to complain, now it’s my turn: Homecoming date proposals

  • Who invented the use of “Hoco” because that person, or persons, should be shot to Mars on the next Musk expedition?
  • I’m convinced the Pussification of America starts the minute teen boys are forced by women to adhere to social norms (in their minds) where they have to make a stupid sign for the girl (yes, my intel tells me some girls do the asking…equality 101), go to the girl’s home to ring the doorbell, then she responds ‘yes’ because this has all been coordinated, then the girl’s mother gasps that her girl has been asked to Hoco. This leads to the inevitable photoshoot in the front yard where the teens look like prisoners of war as they stand there being told to smile for Instagram and Facebook.
  • Then the moms weaponize the visuals they’ve gathered on the battlefield. The HOCO content is filtered, captioned, and deployed across social media channels. A jolt of electricity is felt as the ‘Publish’ button is hammered.
  • The “OMG, they’re so cute” messages roll in. The “OMG, QUEEEEEEN!” messages just keep coming at a frantic pace as Sara sits there at her office job scrolling through the alerts Zuck keeps pumping into her veins. The dopamine runs wild. It’s reminiscent of the energy running through Hulk Hogan while he was ripping off his shirt just before facing Andre.
  • I’m constantly told by mass media that kids these days are mental wrecks. You think? Imagine having to comply to social media norms of making a HOCO sign or they’re considered losers.
  • Times change…blah, blah, blah…kids LOVE this part of their high school experience. I can hear it now out of the moms. Bulls–t. As an outsider, I can see it on the faces of these teens that I come across on Facebook. Absolute prisoners. It looks like they’re being held by ISIS.
  • It’s easy to bash on Gen Z or whatever the youth of this country are being called, but this is on the Gen Xers & the elder Millennials who are responsible for this sign stupidity. If I were to pinpoint the culprits for this madness, I’m putting it squarely on the shoulders of women who were fans of boy bands in the late 1990s. Ladies, look in the mirror.
  • Stop the HOCO signs. I’m begging you. This is a national crisis.
  • And I’m also begging you to to RESPECT SUMMER, you maniacs.

Mowing in Switzerland

• John H. writes:

We saw quite a few Monday morning mowing sessions around Lake Thun which is southeast of Bern, Switzerland. The large sections of grass require multi-day mowing. Many involve a second round for clipping distribution.

In Melbourne, Jake – better known as Iron – has a much smaller plot and regularly participates in Thursday evening mowing.

Here is a local sign indicating exit only.


All I can think of while looking at photos of Switzerland is that I bet they don’t screw with HOCO signs over there and I LOVE IT. Look at that second photo. It looks fake. It looks like what southeastern Ohio should look like minus all the fentanyl addicts.

God, I love Switzerland.

Fewer HOCO signs, more go-karts, ORVs, and positive dopamine adventures

Monday Night Football analysis

• John from SD writes:

Is Josh Allen regressing as a QB or week one jitters? Four turnovers and two of those picks were horrible decisions. 

Tough break for the J-E-T-S, but the Wilson’s came through. 

My teenage son, not a sports fan, came up with an interesting analogy: “Don’t you find it odd that the Jets are playing on 9/11!”

Remember the 9/11 victims and applaud the heroes!


Pretty sure I said more than once last night that there’s no way Josh Allen makes it through the full season if he keeps taking hits like he embraced last night. I get that he’s like 6’8 and a muscular 300 pounds, but still. It’s not sustainable.

Typically, I’d include a Twitter embed right here of Allen getting rocked, but I’m trying to limit the embeds for the betterment of Screencaps.


• Kevin in Toboso, OH writes:

The Browns will eventually brown. Bengals will get it going. (Or Joe B counts his 1 plus million a week and they suck?)

Been wondering all day if D-Watson called Mel Tucker to get his “therapists” number for a non-title IX call? Who wants to shake M. Tuckers hand now after a game now….awkward.

Hurley needs a spot every day in SC.


Great observation about Mel Tucker. Just imagine the Gameday signs that are coming for poor Mel.

• Warren M. writes:

Sorry about your Bengals, it really stinks. They’ll get it together and crush it the rest of the season. I’m just glad Miami didn’t throw away their game. But I was shook that my Florida Atlantic Owls only managed about 5 yards rushing and lost on Saturday.

Just want to say a big huge thank you for the shout-out on Saturday! Mrs. Warren M. was thrilled and loved that you threw in some hilarious extra basic suburban women anecdotes. I had finished a sprint triathlon that morning and read Screencaps at a local sports bar while watching college football with my wife.

That’s it. Let’s see if this damn thing will load.

Have a great day. Respect Summer.

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  1. I like Aaron Rodgers and sorry to see him hurt but… the fact Josh Allen couldn’t put the ball in the end zone two times and his interceptions led to more Jets points than he was responsible for than Bills points pisses me off even more. Stop with all the ads and work on football. His game last night was horrid. I know Burrow had a fought game Sunday but I can see him bouncing back. Josh, not sure.

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