Hooters Alexis Is A Rising Star, Jets Fans Really Hate Zach Wilson & It’s Cold As Balls Outside

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I hate myself for being sucked into watching YouTubers with my son

Last night, I was in the man cave sitting at the bar top having a cold one and watching football while my 10-year-old was watching the bar top TV. He was scrolling through YouTube (not sure why I have any other TV options for my kids because it’s all they watch) and he starts watching YouTubers who do things like build igloos, hire 100 body guards and the one guy who really got my attention by booking what I was told was the most expensive commercial flight in the world on Emirates airline.

I watched the entire video of this nerd YouTuber experiencing that flight. Completely sucked in. It was like being on drugs. I was fixated. My son thought it was funny that dad was completely hooked on a video from a kid with a haircut straight out of 2004.

This was more about seeing the plane amentities.

You’re damn right I wanted to see what this plane offered for something like a $25,000 price tag for first class. It was like watching MTV Cribs back in the day when I was living in a shitty apartment and making zero money. Show me what I’m missing out on in life!

Then I find out just what this plane has to offer for first class passengers, including the wet bar that lifts out of an armrest and on-demand food service to the passenger’s enclosed pod.

Ok, so the food is great and the pod has an incredible amount of room. But what else does this plane offer. How about a spa where first-class passengers can schedule shower times. I’ve seen some things on the Internet, but I’d never seen a plane with a spa of this size. And the lounge was nice, but the nerd YouTuber ordered a Pepsi to keep his content PG.

It was either this or watching Zach Wilson suck balls.

YouTube won out this time and I hate myself for allowing it. Do better with the scheduling, Goodell.

Here comes South Florida bragging about their weather…I should ban all bragging south of I-4 between Daytona and Tampa

• Nick C. in Miami, Florida writes:

In the next few days while most of America receives a brief respite from this dastardly scourge known as climate change (or whatever alarmist adjective can be substituted), us in South Florida will actually be sitting pretty and enjoying some “open window” weather. 

Wishing you and the awesome community of Screencaps Nation a Merry Christmas. This little corner of the Internet is a thing of beauty and I cannot thank you enough for allowing us to be a part of it. 

P.S. What’s with the recent Salma Hayek IG blackout? 


Hold up, this Christmas weekend forecast isn’t great, Nick. This feels like some premature celebrating from the tropics. The iguanas will be crashing out of the trees. Even us up north aren’t opening windows with a high of 54.

Hang in there Miami, you’ll be back to 88 in no time.

A Christmas miracle

• John L. writes:

Joe, first of all, a very merry Christmas to you and your family!   

FYI, I have an LG Android smart phone.  Today going to Screencaps from the Outlook/Culture page, every IG, etc. loaded perfectly–and there were plenty of beauties to admire.

I liked Brian J.’s Christmas menu question.  Last weekend the family gathered at my sister’s home and she served chicken picatta.  Now would I have preferred a big turkey–sure–but she is an excellent cook and I still ate like a pig.  It was a pleasure compared to trying to do the same in our house.

And here’s a turkey question back to Brian J. and the community:  Do you cook your stuffing inside or outside the bird?  The way my Mom brought us up, inside is the only acceptable way to keep it moist.

Wishing you more Bengals luck.

Christmas menu

• Guy G. loves creating menus, so Brian J.’s Christmas menu drama with his family members who demand ham at his party really hit home. Guy G. writes:

Brian J. got me thinking about what we all do for Christmas and food. Since I’ve become the chef for major holidays, I figured I should share too. Plus, maybe it helps you mail it in a bit for Christmas lead up.

Christmas Eve brings us a full slate of football, so tradition needs to continue for Bills football food. A little twist from Chicago Deep Dish Pizza, and turning it into a soup. I’ll do what I can to upload photos of the finished product. To make sure that everyone is satisfied (18ish people for Christmas Eve) I will also be making French Onion Soup.

For Christmas day, my mother in law always made ham and lasagna. When I married into this family, I thought it was a strange mix. Before she stopped making it, heck yeah!! Lasagna with a ham sandwich on the side?!?! Yes!! Now that I’ve taken over, we have moved to Beef on Weck, two ways. Standard roast, roasted with garlic and rosemary plus a smoked roast. Served with fresh red wine au jus, and kimmelweck rolls. I am using Sirloin Tip roasts, for a nice tender, lightly marbled roast.

Add onto this our own grown potatoes, corn and peas. Beef is property grown as well, to make this a full meal, all grown on property. Self sustainment is the way to go. “Do Hard Things” pays off! (Hoping to soon grow, harvest and process my own wheat, so that baked goods can be especially homemade too)


I want you guys to notice how Guy G. didn’t even mention the lake-effect snow that’s coming into the Buffalo region. Guy doesn’t even blink with Christmas preparation. Parts of Buffalo are expecting 60 inches.

Christmas cards from the Screencaps community

• Greg OC writes:

Hey Joe – A Very Merry Christmas to you and your family. And the same to all the SC folks out there! Leaving Paradise in Sun City, SC for Houston to witness the arrival of Grandchild #2. 

Again thanks for all the great content and looking forward to the continued success of SC in 2023.

Putting your foot in the ground, not in your mouth

• Craig in Lubbock, Texas challenges Tony C. to provide announcers with alternative phrases:

It’s not actually a life skill to complain about something without offering an alternative IMHO

Not all runners are one-cut runners that decide quickly and hit the hole hard

The announcers seem to have hit on this putting your foot in the ground phraseology to describe asking the RB to stop dancing and hit the hole

What is Tony C’s alternative phrasing for this type of request?

Inquiring minds want to know…

• John L. writes:

The announcers have a tough job avoiding the cliches, but I am with Tony C. on this one.  Next time I hear it I’ll pin my ears back and jump cut to another channel.

The Ts are drinking more wine

• Mike T. writes from France:

Went to visit the ruins of the Châteauneuf de Pape.

Built in 1000 AD, it’s lead many lives until the retreating German army tried to blow it up in 1944, all that’s left in the wall.

But the real reason to visit Châteauneuf du Pape is the wine of the world-famous Cotes du Rome wine region.

Delicious whites and reds, we tried a few, happy holidays to the screencaps crew!

• Sean C. in Granger, IN writes:

I’ve been meaning to email for a few weeks, and now that I can finally catch my breath, I thought I’d send in something for “Free-For- All Friday”.  

A lot of topics have been covered that I wanted to address, so what better time than now.  A couple weeks ago, the topic of Cubs games on WGN came up.  I think it started because you noticed cameramen (or more specifically, the producer) not being shy about showing the hottie in the stands.  Growing up in South Bend, IN was basically like living in a Chicago suburb.  Even before it was a true “superstation”, we could get channel 9 off the antenna, as well as WFLD Channel 32, which showed the Batman TV show reruns. 

But other than Cubs games, WGN was the home of the Bozo Show.  Every kid dreamed of going on the show to play the Grand Prize Game.  But WGN made Cubs fans all over the country.  Full disclosure, I grew out of that by the time I was 8, but the 80’s was a great time to be a baseball fan, even before cable and satellite packages put every team on TV every day (except of course for those that live within 500 miles and are blacked out).  But you may remember the name Arnie Harris.  He was the executive producer of Cubs games on WGN.  He was the hornball responsible for cutting to the drunk 25 year old chick in the tank top in the bleachers.  He wasn’t subtle.  He was a legend in his own time. 

Vegas……I feel like you and I have had the same Vegas experience and evolution.  When I started going to Vegas, in the late 90’s/early 2000’s, the first place I stayed was at the Stardust.  It was as old school Vegas as you can get in the late 90’s.  The newer style casinos were just starting to go up, like the new MGM Grand and Bellagio, but still before The Wynn, Venetian and Palazzo had gone up.  The Stardust was simply a casino/hotel, with a decent sportsbook.  Maybe A gift shop.  You didn’t have to walk 20 miles to the elevators or to get some food. 

An aerial photo shows the Stardust Resort & Casino October 19, 2005. (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

When you got to the ground floor in the elevator, and the doors opened, the table games were right there.  $5 blackjack was all over the place.  6-to-5 was barely a thing.  Cheap food was all over the place.  You mentioned Westward Ho, which I believe was the next casino north of the Stardust, and their 99 cent 1lb hot dog!  I remember it like it was yesterday. 

Then, places like The Palms and The Rio were built.  The Rio was my go-to place for the early 2000’s.  I went back there a few years ago.  It was like seeing the rise and fall of a small town happen in 10 years.  It was a ghost town.  Like it was hit by a nuclear bomb.  It was a sad sight.  The All World Buffet was hardly recognizable.  The Masquerade Parade in the Sky….gone.  Such a shame.  Part of the reason why I enjoyed Vegas was the sports gambling.  Now, with sports gambling legal (at least in Indiana), and  Vegas not being friendly to the gambler, I don’t find it as appealing anymore.  

Soccer…..I feel like I’m losing the battle on this one.  But I still hate soccer.  I don’t care if it’s the most popular sport in the world.  The rest of the world has a lot of things wrong.  Soccer is just another one of those things as far as I’m concerned.  World Cup or not, I’m not interested. 

Did I hear you mention that you pick up WNDU (the NBC affiliate) out of South Bend in Toledo?  Or is it just the weather forcast you get?  But I agree with the weather junkies.  We have the 4 major affiliates in South Bend (though 1 station owns the CBS and FOX affiliates, so they use the same staff), but each station has 4-6 weather people.  20 minutes of each half hour local broadcast is weather.  These people can’t wait to tell us what weather apocalypse is coming for us.  Killer Thunderstorms or Tornadoes in the summer.  Crippling Blizzards in the winter.  The graphics department has fun at these stations, that’s for sure.  They don’t care that they’re wrong more than half the time.  I’m of the belief that the weather people are in cahoots with the grocery stores.  When did one foot of snow cripple an upper midwest town???  But these people think they’ll be locked in their house for 2 months.  

Anyway Joe, thanks for all you do.  You are a daily read for me, and while your daily screencaps are anything but routine, it’s a routine that I enjoy.  Merry Christmas to you and the rest of the Kinsey clan.  


There was a little confusion on my mention of the local NBC affiliate. The news anchors for the local NBC affiliate are based in South Bend. The Toledo studio was partially closed and now the anchoring is done at a regional studio like how newspapers are now printed at regional printing facilities. So some guy and a woman sit in South Bend and read off news stories from NW Ohio. Then they throw it to a meteorologist in Toledo.

The same two anchors will also broadcast the news in places like northeast Pennsylvania. And there’s zero sports. Nothing.

Jay Mohr

• Scott B. in Cincinnati writes:

I was surprised you did not mention Jay Mohr’s biggest role (before wedding Jeannie Buss) as the rival agent in Jerry McGuire opposite Tom Cruise.

Show me the money!  It appears Jay is going to get a glimpse of the Tom Cruise life without doing seven Mission Impossible films and two Top Guns.

And with that, let’s close it down for the day. Those working today have approximately 3-4 hours of work ahead of you. Go hard. Enjoy the pot luck put on by your fellow employees. This is the perfect time of year for a solid meat and bean dip at an office party. It’s been 11 years since I’ve experienced that life. Kinda miss it this time of year.

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