Hollywood Afraid To Cast Non-White Actors As Bad Guys

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Hollywood studios would prefer to keep their bad guys white, to avoid sending a mixed message.

“Eternals” actor Kumail Nanjiani spoke about the preference in an interview with Esquire UK this week.

“I want to play more bad guys,” said Nanjiani, a Pakistani-American. “I was told that’s going to be hard because people don’t want to cast non-white people as bad guys.”

Nanjiani calls the intention to cast only whites as bad “good,” but complains it creates a disadvantage for brown people like himself.

“I think that Hollywood now — even though they’re trying to be more diverse — is still weird,” he comments. “Good intentions can sometimes lead to misguided solutions: If the bad guy is a brown guy, what message is that sending?”

Kumail Nanjiani on Hollywood casting.fun

In short, film studios are afraid to cast non-white performers in roles of murderers, rapists, terrorists, and cannibals at the risk of racial backlash. However, the studios are also limiting the roles of non-white performers during said practice.

Ultimately, the casting police will throw down the “racist” label no matter the casting. Keeping up with diversity commands is no easy task in society today.

A studio cannot even create a film around blue aliens without upsetting the racially offended. If you hadn’t heard, the use of white people in the latest “Avatar” film was a form of gross, tiresome, wicked “cultural appropriation.”

That is according to a Rotten Tomatoes-approved critic:


Forget storytelling, dialogue, and character development. The skin colors of performers are what matters in 2023.

And, remember, it is racist to cast non-whites as villains. It is also racist to cast non-whites as the bad guys.

Let that sit as you ponder your next trip to the theater.

Written by Bobby Burack

Bobby Burack covers media, politics, and sports at OutKick.


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