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What’s the best advice you ever received?

Let’s get the week rolling around here with a topic that should turn into some fun and deep-thought responses that will in turn make for great reading to propel us all into May and the eventual vacation season.

My goal here is to create our very own beach reading series for those summer vacations when you’re laying by the pool and you don’t want to scroll through disgusting social media degenerates attempting to bring you down.

Your wife will be reading her book by the pool. The kids will be dunking each other in the pool and jumping off cliffs at the resort you’re staying at. You need something to read while crushing a marg.

We’re going to help.

I want you guys to read real advice from real people who live in real towns and lead real lives. This isn’t meant to be some deep-thinking inspirational quotes poster in an IT middle manager’s office. I want advice you received throughout your life. Make it fun. Make it serious. I don’t care. By now, you guys get the Screencaps thought process.

Think about this one this week and fire off an email. Then it’ll turn into a Screencaps Summer Vacation Series.


Speaking of inspirational quote emails, read this one

• Mike from Layton writes:

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THE TNML!! Here’s the story: I first came across the TNML during quarantine as I would read OutKick as one of the sane places in the interwebs. I loved the idea about showing love to one of the chores many across the country look at as a drag. Seeing the hard work from many folks across this great country truly is a go-to read on Fridays.

I have always lived in an apartment and have never had the opportunity to have a piece of land that I can call my own. Thankfully, that all changed this year as my wife and I had enough (with the help of my in-laws!!) to purchase our first home! I immediately went onto the OutKick site to order up my TNML gear, then headed over to Lowe’s to go grab my mower and edge trimmer! I have had my designated “lawn mowing shoes” set aside for an entire 2 years. I am excited to be joining the league and beginning my journey in taking pride of keeping my slice of Earth clean and maintained. 

Side note: Major props to you Joe for being the commissioner of the fastest growing league in the nation! USFL ain’t got anything on you!

One main message I absolutely love to share is that this country, the one that many keep trying like all hell to say is racist, evil, unbearable, is without a doubt the best country in the world! Where else can a kid from the middle of El Paso and a really low-income Hispanic family, make it?

This country is truly a place that serves as a reminder that Faith, a strong work ethic and a willingness to never give up, can in fact get folks ahead without blaming the world. I am psyched to be a part of this league and psyched to keep knocking out those that keep wanting to keep us Hispanics down and living off the government. 

Si se puede! (Translation: yes we can!) and Suck it Joe Biden.


Talk about an email that gets the blood flowing. I don’t even know where to start here. How about with the fact that Mike is able to live out his dream of homeownership with his wife and now they’ll be able to make it their very own slice of the American Dream.

Think of the smile on Mike’s face the first time he mows that lawn and sits down in a lawn chair to take it all in and what this means for his future. Damn near brings a tear to my eye thinking about it.

Now we just need those milestone updates from Mike and his wife. We need to hear about those lawn successes, the plants that took off, and those insane weather nights on the patio celebrating life successes.

Speaking of inspirational quotes and serenity, it must’ve been in the air this weekend

• Indy Daryl writes:

As I sit here at the end of a chaotic weekend, at the end of a chaotic week, at the end of a chaotic month, I am meditating on the simple pleasures of life. Things like routine, rituals, and schedules can seem so imposing and even overly constraining; but in reality I think they provide a calm and settledness to life. Our life over the last month has been one upheaval after another: spring break in Florida, 14-year anniversary trip to Chicago, celebrating Easter with family, installing new LVP in our main level (yes, I definitely paid for that!), beginning and getting about 80% or so through an extensive outdoor project (still ongoing as I am doing much of it myself), somehow attending a three-day conference in Louisville, and then hosting my parents for another three days. Life has been screaming for a return to “normal” for a while. We know that it will and enduring a season of hard things is what it takes at times to truly appreciate what we have. And we will be better for having persisted.

And while it pains me to say it, what did I do to bring some “normal” back into my life? You’re darn right I fired up my lawnmower on a Sunday afternoon and put down some stripes. In full confession, between the rain and everything else, this was my first mow of the season. It took way longer than normal as the grass was well above 8”, and it certainly wasn’t the best mow, but damn if it didn’t bring back a settled calm for me. Time for my mind to be quiet, think and process. And the post-mow beverages on the deck with the love of my life and my parents was incredibly refreshing.

Being so far out of our normal routine has been disruptive and challenging. Yet, as we persist and continue to “do hard things” we get to see the fruit of our labors. A season of hard can bring so much joy in the end.

Also want to give a huge shout-out to Mike and Cindy in Idaho!! What an amazing transformation from one small fire pit to an incredible outdoor area. I stand in awe of your ability to transform a space and persist to the end. WELL DONE!!

I hope the rest of the SC community had a great weekend!

On listening to your wives

• Ed M. writes:

My wife and I are 52 and have been married for 28 years and are this close to being empty nesters. Most people our age in this situation are downsizing. My wife Kelly had the opposite opinion-it is time to UPSIZE so our kids/ future grandkids have a place they want to visit. I was hesitant at first-and after many “discussions” we pulled the trigger on a bigger home right before the pandemic-perfect timing actually.

We have never regretted it-although it has more upkeep it is completely worth it-our property backs up to corps of engineer property so it is filled with wildlife and can never be built on. The wife (as usual) was correct-our boys love it and it has become a destination for them. This is not to brag-we worked hard and planned for this for years. Btw-we will never move again.

The lesson here is listen to your wife. She is right more than we care to admit.

Thanks for screencaps and the community. It is must read and I look forward to 10am (or earlier!) every day!


If I know anything about Eddie from Acworth after nearly a year of receiving emails from him, it’s that Ed’s definitely not bragging about his spread. A typical email from Ed is a reminder of his cherished outdoor fireplace. That’s his real treasure and I appreciate that about him. Just a man and a place to start a fire and watch football games.

The rest is nice, but I know where Ed finds his inner peace — right in front of that fireplace.


• Look at what our friends way up in Crosby, North Dakota dealt with this weekend. Nate in Divide County writes:

Hey Joe, quick update from the major OutKick hotspot in NW ND. We are digging out from our second major blizzard in 11 days. The power has been out for about 18 hours, I’m just hopeful the juice is back on and flowing in time for the NFL draft. Attached are a few photos from my back yard. The good news is that I’ll have access to the BBQ grill, the bad news is that it will be many Thursday’s until the small glacier at the end of my patio melts and I can start laying stripes on my lawn.  Take care and DBAP!


North Dakota TNML members are excused for missing the first two weeks of the season. It looks like they might see some melt by this Thursday when the temps hit 50.


• Beau in Toledo writes:

When Your Dad is packing up to move to North Carolina and You want to piss off his liberal neighbors one last time

And with that, let’s get the day started. It’s a different week for me. My wife is back in the office on a Monday for the first time since March 2020. I just took the kids to school and our dog, who always jumps in the car, came home and went to the dining room to look for Mrs. Screencaps. Needless to say, the dog is shook with this new transition to mom being out of the house.

We will adjust life and continue to move forward.

Have a great week and give ’em hell at the office. Send in those best advice emails. Make this summer by the pool more enjoyable.


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Written by Joe Kinsey

I'm an Ohio guy, born in Dayton, who roots for Ohio State and can handle you guys destroying the Buckeyes, Urban Meyer and everything associated with Columbus.


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  1. WELL Whatta Ya Know ??? The last time you ran pics of “Hockey Goalie Girl” (“HGC”) …I noted that she always looks like her little dog had just been eaten by coyotes … i.e. she never smiles ….
    HGC OBVIOUSLY reads Outkick. …. Now you have a pic of her SMILING! A Coincidence? I think not.

  2. I was watching the baseball game last night live when that happened. The best part was Hader’s reaction after he got the strikeout. Zoom in on his face, it’s priceless. He knows he got away with one. And Schwarber’s reaction was the best I’ve seen in many years, maybe ever. You know if ‘Angel Hernandez’s name was ‘Bob Jones’, he would’ve been cut from the profession ten years ago.

    I hope Gardner Minshew plays at least ten more years.

    And that security chick tackle?! Amazing!

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