Hockey Goalie Mikayla Demaiter Enjoys Fall, Phillies Kid Flips Off Camera & Gisele Buries Tom Brady’s Career

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Weekend observations

If global warming means 78 & sunny Saturday afternoons this late in October, then let’s start burning up that ozone layer even more. I could get used to watching Ohio State destroy Iowa on the patio while trying to drink the garage fridge clean.

Now, if only we could get a little rain to knock down the dust. It would be much appreciated.

  • I’ve tried my best to defend the Big Ten over the years, but at this point the conference is indefensible. Iowa refuses to get a coach who wants to play football like it’s the 21st century. I took the family out to the local sports bar for the OSU game after a big soccer Saturday and OSU fans didn’t even clap when the Buckeyes scored touchdown after touchdown. Fans are bored.
  • The sportsbooks know Ohio State is bored. The Buckeyes roll into a rare road game against Penn State as 14.5-point favorites. And it’s a noon kickoff. Think about that for a minute. It’s not even a traditional night white-out game. This is a vintage game where Ohio State typically brings in low energy, completely frustrates fans and then wins by 17.
  • The Baltimore Ravens have one more game on the schedule against a team currently .500 or better – Cincinnati. Adjust your gambling accordingly.
  • This wasn’t how I pictured the end of Tom Brady’s career.
  • I used to be convinced that Aaron Rodgers could just figure out a way to take a bunch of Uber drivers and turn them into an NFC North championship squad. With a trip to Buffalo coming up, we’re looking at Rodgers missing the playoffs. Green Bay currently has the NFL’s 5th hardest remaining schedule.
  • Is it time to give Brian Daboll the coach of the year title? Is the race over? In August, Vegas had the Giants O/U win total at 6.5. In case you’re just coming out of a coma, the Giants are now 6-1 and they still get the Lions and the Commanders — twice. Go ahead and cash that ticket. There’s zero chance the Giants are losing out.
  • Are you sitting down? The Giants currently have a 90% probability of making the playoffs.
  • Double Are You Sitting Down? of the Week — the 5-2 Jets have a 73% probability of making the playoffs.
  • How long will Kevin Stefanski last into the Deshaun Watson era in Cleveland? A loss on Halloween to the Bengals all but ends this season before Watson plays a game.
  • I have to brag on my son for a second. His soccer season ended Saturday at the buzzer with him firing a game-tying goal off his right foot and it was the best kick of his life. Top-shelf blast off the right wing. Legitimate big-boy soccer goal. The ball goes in and the refs blow the whistle. End of the game. End of the season. And then we went to get pizza and beer. That’s a perfect Saturday.

Halloween week!

• Chad G. writes:

A warm welcome from MAC country here in Kalamazoo MI.

If you’re looking to check off a stadium with Dad don’t miss Toledo vs. Western Michigan at Waldo Stadium the day after Thanksgiving this year.  Nickel Tours of town are available if you want to come watch the Rockets run up the score on the Broncos “Defense”.

I came here a few years back for more of the Outkick show I heard on Clay’s previous a.m. radio show and have absolutely stayed for Screencaps.    Best collection of laughs and WTF’s I can find to start my day with.

Our neighborhood south of Kalamazoo is very near an elementary school, consequently, many families with young children are in our area.  Holidays are celebrated with a fair amount of Gusto here.  Enjoy the pics!  Looking forward to passing out candy where it’s always either 38 and raining, or Sunny & almost 70 deg … nothing in between

What’s the best playoff format?

• Chad B. writes:

I hope you are doing well.  I was just curious what playoff format in sports do you think is the best?  I.E.-single elimination-“one and done”, “best of” series, round robin, etc.?  Personally, I’d go with the “best of” series.  Those are nearly fluke-proof for upsets, and a team really earns it if they can beat another squad in 3-4 times to advance in the postseason.  Thanks again.

Baseball finally got its collective heads out of its asses and got this playoff right. Let’s go back to that Wild Card Weekend format. Remember when they’d play a single-game series and that was the end of the Wild Card round? Now these dummies figured it out — let’s see if they stick with it — where they have Wild Card Weekend. Visiting fans are guaranteed a Friday & Saturday game, pending weather.

It’s great. It’s a simple guys’ trip scenario.

As for football, the playoffs are fine as is. If you can’t beat the Bengals at home with a trip to the Super Bowl on the line, then that’s a you problem.

Boomer-Millennial Drama Week 2

• Jackson in Georgia writes:

So what I will never get is why the Millennials endlessly moan about how tough they have it, but continue to do things that make it harder on themselves.

First, more government in their lives. Is there anything that any of us can say has improved because of more government? No. Seriously, no.

Secondly, all the climate change stuff just makes your and everyone else’s lives harder and, without buy in from China and India, will never amount to anything. But…..good luck with that argument.

Finally, though I could go on and on, it seems as if millennials want to spread the wealth endlessly. Ok, great. But then don’t go complaining about the older folks who currently have the wealth and would eventually like to pass it on. I am pretty sure “your” parents would rather “you” have their sayings than someone none of you have ever met.

None of this makes any sense and there are many other examples, but “they” refuse to listen to those with experience in life.

The Italian Five-Os

• Mike T. wanted you to see what the blue are driving in La Mora, Italy:

And a floating fish & chips operation in the harbor

Finally, the patio life in Portofino, Italy

And with that, let’s get the week started.

Get those Halloween costumes sent in. One of you has to have a sports-themed costume we need to see. Send it in. Impress the Screencaps community.

And one more shoutout to Mother Nature. It’s going to be 80 and sunny here today. Thank you, global warming.


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