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The Screencaps Book Club® final book tally is in and Indy Daryl is very impressed by all the suggestions

• Indy Daryl writes:

I asked and the SC community delivered beyond my wildest expectations!! According to the spreadsheet we have amassed over 80 different book or book series recommendations. There is enough here to last many, many years. Some I have already read, but there are a number that I will pick up here shortly once my book queue opens up a little bit. 

The most recommended books according to SC readers

1. Atlas Shrugged – Ann Rand

2. The Boys in the Boat – Daniel James Brown

The most recommended book series

1. Jack Reacher – Lee Childs

2. The Dark Tower – Stephen King

Thank you to everyone who wrote in and contributed! It was a delight to compile the list and remember the ones I had previously read and look forward to the ones I want to read next. I hope everyone is enjoying their Sunday evening!

Indy Daryl 

And if anyone has a better way to compile the list, please feel free!!


The final tally (keep in mind I’m still getting emails): 86 book recommendations. That should keep everyone busy for the next few weeks before it’s time to mow the lawn.

Analyzing the final Wild Card game

• John in SD writes:

It happened: late third quarter, Joe Buck on 3rd and 7, reception made, “he puts his foot in the ground”.  Good for Mahar, you can only (get) kick(ed) so many times before you hit rock bottom. 

Bruce Arians had to see the writing on the wall after the SB win. Great job security by becoming a consultant on the staff, not the HC of a team that can’t meet its expectations. 

TB12: follow Kingsbury’s example, buy a one-way ticket and take your IG stalker to Thailand. You already lost one super model and your kids. Stay at 0-2 at marriage and have some fun. Hell, take your chef and Gronk with you (we won’t have to watch anymore Gronk commercials begging for USAA insurance).

Very unfortunate to see a pointless injury at the end of an out-of-reach game. Hopefully, he has a speedy recovery. 

What every man should own at least once before he dies

• Tom L. in Houston, Texas writes:

A dog.

It’s tough to think of something every guy could own, but I’ve seen homeless men on the street with a dog.  Plus, there are different types of dogs to cater to different types of people.  Outdoor types can get a hunting dog.  Hard-working, blue-collar types can get a working dog.  Want to show off your wealth?  Plenty of expensive dogs.  Don’t have much, or know what you want?  Your local animal shelter will be glad to help.  There are even useless little yappy dogs if you’re the kind of person who likes “The View”.

You experience the joy and love in their happiness to see you.  You experience the misery when they pass, which is important too.  You get the humor and outrage of the crazy things they do.  Sometimes you need the experience of picking up after them to remind you to stay humble.

A dog can help you pick up chicks (or dudes if that’s your thing – dogs don’t care).  A dog can also keep you company if your pick-up game needs work.  A dog can help you stay active, or provide an excuse for why you need to go home and do nothing.

The only thing I can think of that is more rewarding than a good dog is having kids/grandkids, but you can’t own them, and you asked for things guys should own.


Couldn’t agree more, Tom.

I could be having a rough day where the Screencaps lead image won’t load properly into Twitter and I’m running around the house trying to get ready for a Zoom meeting and kids are rushing off to school and there on her bed, my dog is begging for pets.

And for 15 seconds or more, I stop and see how she’s doing. Then, at lunch, she knows when I’m done with lunch and proceeds to bring me a toy to throw. Every…single…day.

Then she has the same routine at dinner. Every…single…day.

Meals end and that’s her cue.

• John L. writes:

Regarding your offered list, I’ve been fortunate enough to own everything on it except the boat, RV, and piranha.  (FYI, horses are the ultimate money pit.)  My own advice to Screencaps nation is definitely a sports car, two of which have given me many fond memories.

I had an early BMW Z4, all black, soft top, stick shift.  It was lightweight with a nasty 6-cylinder engine.  Once I was bringing home a pizza and the state trooper clocked me at 85 MPH going uphill in a 55 zone.  We had a pleasant discussion and he let me off with a ticket for not wearing my seat belt.  When the top was down on a nice day you really needed the sunscreen.

More recently I bought a used 2014 Porsche 911 with only 8500 miles on it, also black.  I loved the respect I got from other drivers at a four-way intersection, or when I came up behind them in the left lane.  Cruising speed on the lightly patrolled New Jersey turnpike was 90 MPH.  What with retirement, moving to a house without a garage, and the $500 oil changes, I sold it three years later for almost as much as I originally paid for it.

These days I’m driving SUVs, but they’re still BMWs.

• Bo in Michigan writes:

Things a man should have: 

1911 .45 semi-auto pistol

Medium caliber scoped rifle or shotgun

Pocket knife (this at a minimum)

A good dog 

Quality set of tools 

BBQ grill 

Reliable transportation 

Quality pair of boots and gloves 

Maintenance equipment for outside the house

On the German beer/ice clip, most all German beer is kept/delivered/served at room or cellar temperature. I was stationed in Germany for 6 years, and had racks of beer delivered to the house (like a milkman here). The ice tray in the clip is genius. 

Lawn is still green up here in MI. Gonna be early season kick-off. Can’t wait. 

It was just a matter of time…modern panhandling is out of control

Like my buddy Diesel said this morning on our text group, he misses the old days of panhandling when there was wit associated with the game.

via Diesel

Golf road trip to North Dakota?

• Dillon L. writes:

Now hear me out, this summer you come out to good ol’ North Dakota and soak in the majesty that is Crosby.  The caps crew up here can treat you to one of our golf tournaments this summer, just be careful not to shank one the half mile into international territory (or more likely the nearby cattle pasture).  In all seriousness though, I’m sure you would get quite a bit of content out of our little community and see some professional-level drinking.  It’s a long way til summer but maybe an idea!? 

Also, as for what a man has to own in his lifetime I couldn’t believe you didn’t include the battery daddy.  Got one for my dad for Christmas and he’s in love with it.  


Holy airfare, Dillon!

Listen, I’ve been intrigued by Crosby for well over a year now. As I’ve mentioned multiple times on Screencaps, the blue checkmarks like to brag about golfing all the Top 100 courses in America. When they zig, I zag. That means my brain is attracted to Crosby, ND and golfing where the blue checks wouldn’t dare step foot.

Let’s see if I can’t put a Real America® tour together.

The Crosby, North Dakota Country Club course — Hole 3:

Billboard marketing 101…the United States needs 1000X more billboards like this

• Tom H. in Fort Wayne is out on the road this week and writes:

Driving to Nashville, Tennessee on interstate 69 in Indiana at mile marker 240. Yes, this is a real place. 

Now that’s a French bakery

Mike T. with the mic drop from Antibes, France. This place is beautiful!

Mike T. has also been on the hunt for a rotisserie chicken that needed to be experienced:

Stopped by to see this guy I have been reading about, his chicken is supposed to be fantastic. Bought the bird and fingerling cooked in the dripping, unbelievably delicious.

Stuffed with rosemary/ garlic and marinated in olive oil.

And let’s see the harbor in Antibes, France. That’s definitely not Put-in-Bay:

Just when you thought San Francisco couldn’t get any crazier than allowing fentanyl zombies shitting down their legs to take over its city streets, along comes this idea to pay black residents reparations of….$5 million EACH

From Fox News:

San Francisco’s reparations committee has proposed paying each Black longtime resident $5 million and granting total debt forgiveness due to the decades of “systematic repression” faced by the local Black community.

The plan also calls on the city to supplement lower-income recipients’ income to reflect the Area Median Income (AMI), about $97,000, annually for at least 250 years. 

The plan also seeks to establish “a comprehensive debt forgiveness program” that clears each eligible person’s student and housing loans, credit card debt, etc.


Make sure you turn in your gas stove after receiving your $5 million payment.

And that’s it, you guys should have more than enough content to get your day started.

The sun is out (for now) and solar panels across northwest Ohio are shocked by what they’re seeing. Enjoy the Vitamin D if you’re getting a shot of the good stuff today.

Go give 110% at work.


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