Hillary Clinton Sells ‘But Her Emails’ Merch After FBI Search of Trump’s Mar-a-Lago

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In a pathetic attempt to resurrect herself and her political future from the dead, Hillary Clinton is using the Mar-A-Lago raid to hawk cheap merchandise.

Tomi Lahren has some Final Thoughts:

First of all, she photoshopped a hat on a picture of herself from at least 100 years ago, but moving on.. really Hillary?

Hillary Clinton But her emails
A day after the FBI conducted a search of former President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate, Hillary Clinton responded on Tuesday with a tweet promoting merchandise emblazoned with the phrase “But Her Emails”. Photo courtesy of @HillaryClinton’s Twitter.

Selling $30 hats with a slogan about your emails, this isn’t merchandise, this is a admission of guilt!

Yes Hillary, we are well aware you got away with having a private server stored in your freakin bathroom closet! We are well aware you turned over only HALF of the 60,000 emails on that server and deleted the others!

Yes, we are well aware that your deep state pal Comey filed no charges though you had CLASSIFIED EMAILS ON THAT SERVER! Let us also not forget Hillary smashed her mobile devices- at least two occasions as Secretary of State — with a freakin hammer for God’s sake!

Hillary is legit selling hats, trolling and essentially taunting the American people over the fact she’s been to get away with murder (that’s a figure of speech, sort of). Talk about a brazen criminal.

Hillary is not only shameless, she’s like a holiday fruitcake, she just won’t go away.

Just when we think we’ve gotten rid of her, BOOM, she pops back up like a Sanderson
Sister in Hocus Pocus.

Who the hell keeps lighting her black flame candle? Please stop! But I’ll tell ya what, I hope to goodness she is indulgent and narcissistic enough to run again in 2024 because I’d love to watch her be defeated again and maybe even a second time by none other than DONALD J TRUMP!

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