Hero Saves Beers Amid Crowd Fight At UFC 289

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Not all heroes wear capes. Some wear black jeans and ball caps.

That was apparent during last night’s UFC 289 from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada where a fight broke out from within the crowd. As fists began to fly it became clear that a couple of beers were in danger of being spilled.

And a hero was born.

That hero was apparently John Mayne, known to social media users as “@Tradermayne.” The popular crypto and stock trader shared video of the crowd fight to his Twitter account, along with his own beer-saving heroics.

Mayne acted fast and carried his beers to safety, not spilling a drop, as men and women alike did their best to imitate Saturday night’s Octagon participants.

Watch and learn kids. This is a pro’s pro.

UFC Beers Likely Weren’t Cheap

Our hero proved that he’s no dummy for multiple reasons. First and foremost, imagine the pain in the ass of getting involved in a fan fight. There’s always a chance of getting your ass kicked. You’re definitely getting booted from the arena and probably arrested too. Not to mention, if the fight’s caught on camera you’re pending embarrassment could live within the internet forever.

Oh, and beers aren’t cheap. Why involve them in the fray? UFC 289 was held at Vancouver’s Rogers Center. Concession prices aren’t listed online but the menu from the in-arena sports bar – aptly named, The Sportsbar– is.

Beer prices at Rogers Arena. Photo c/o thesportsbar.ca .

My guess is that Mayne, nor anyone else inside the arena, was drinking Bud Light. And if so, no one’s saving those distilled disasters. So scratch off any $8 drinks (yeah, I don’t think big brother Budweiser was involved either). And, those brews appeared to be 14 ounces. If they’re actually 22’s, then I might have a drinking problem. But that’s neither here nor there.

Anyways, based on the price list, I’m going to estimate that our hero saved himself $17-20. And maybe more importantly, he also saved himself another trip to the bar and the hassle of waiting in line then navigating a crowded arena while double-fisting his way back to his seat.

UFC 289 introduced us to a hero, outside of the Octagon. (Photo by Jeff Bottari/Zuffa LLC).

As for the fan fight itself, there wasn’t much action. All the pushing, shoving and holding each other back had all the violence of an NBA fight. Maybe the beers would’ve been just fine. Then again, why risk it?

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Written by Anthony Farris

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