Here are Highest-Paid People in President Biden’s White House

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While it’s toxic to work for Vice President Kamala Harris, the checks from President Joe Biden’s White House are not.

The White House released its annual staff report to Congress on Thursday, revealing that Biden has the most expensive payroll in White House history. The projected four-year cost of Biden’s payroll will exceed $200 million.

Guess who is paying for that?

Adjusted for inflation, the Trump administration spent $164.30 million in its first and only term. released the following comparable chart: 

22 White House employees make $180,000, the maximum annual salary. This includes Peter Doocy’s arch-nemesis, White House press secretary Jen Psaki.

$180,000 for Psaki. Worth it?

Among other notable $180,000 a year paid employees are Chief of Staff Ron Klain, National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan, Domestic policy adviser Susan Rice, Chief of staff to the first lady Julissa Reynoso, and Director of the Office of Legislative Affairs Louisa Terrell.

About 60% of Biden’s White House staff is female.

In case you were wondering, Joe Biden has a $400,000 annual salary, while Harris’ came in at $235,100.00. ESPN’s Maria Taylor would like $7 million more a year than Biden. Please, and thank you. 

For Biden’s schedule, as Bill O’Reilly reports daily, $400k isn’t too bad.

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