Heidi Klum and Daughter Leni ‘Celebrate Women’ Via Lingerie Shoot

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Like Ken Griffey passing the torch to Griffey Junior in the early 1990s as members of the Seattle Mariners, Heidi Klum officially welcomed her daughter to the lingerie modeling this week with an old-fashioned mother-daughter bra and underwear photoshoot.

Leni Olumi Klum, Heidi’s daughter with Italian businessman Flavio Briatore (Seal adopted Leni), is just a college freshman, but she’s already hitting Griffey Jr.-esque dingers by working with the likes of Dior and Intimissimi, the Italian bra and underwear company that is responsible for this mother-daughter shoot that has the Internet talking.

Heidi Klum, 49, writes on Instagram that the shoot was a way to “celebrate women; the love and support between a mother and her daughter; and how confident, beautiful and happy lingerie can make you feel.”

It turns out lingerie is in the Klum bloodlines. This moment for Heidi and Leni is pretty much like a father handing down his old baseball glove to his oldest son. Heidi told PEOPLE in 2017 that it was her mother who inspired her love of lingerie.

“I have to say, even before that I think my mom also [influenced me] because she was really into lingerie, she always had a variety of different great things and I saw that. You kind of model a little after what your mom does. I think also that’s why I’m very free with my body. I tan topless because I saw my mom do that,” Heidi told the magazine.

With 1.5 million Instagram followers and famous parents with millions in the bank, it would be easy for Leni Klum to just turn into another moocher living off her parents.

But here she is working her ass off for Intimissimi.

As a parent, this has to be that one moment where Heidi Klum is so proud of her daughter. Leni will be able to pay her own bills. She’ll go find an apartment to call home. She won’t be in the basement smoking dope and watching gamers on Twitch streams at 3 a.m. She’ll have her own phone bill.

Leni is even well on her way to knowing her roll during the holidays and how to create an amazing casserole. I’m telling you right now, she’s the Ken Griffey Jr. of this generation of models.

Look at that smile on Heidi’s face. This is that moment, in her underwear when this woman realizes she raised a productive human being. This is when Heidi realized she did everything that Lori Loughlin never accomplished in her own house.

Be proud, Heidi. Your daughter isn’t going to hit 630 career dingers, but she’ll have one helluva career on Instagram.

Written by Joe Kinsey

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