Heat’s Jimmy Butler Writes The Obituary On Boston, Says Miami Wins Series in ‘Five’

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Jimmy Butler plays hard but trolls harder.

The Miami Heat star, currently praised as the best player of the NBA Playoffs, wrote the obituary for the Celtics on Monday after embarrassing them for a second straight game (and third consecutive win).

Capitalizing on his strong performance from Sunday’s Game 3 win, 128-102, Jimmy Butler went to Instagram and said the series will come to an end in “five.”

Jimmy Butler Buries Boston Celtics ‘5’ Feet Deeper

A cold, cold move by Butler, a.k.a. Michael Jordan, Jr. (according to Twitter).

Jimmy Butler and Bam Adebayo of the Miami Heat (Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)

Butler mimicked Al Horford’s Game 1 “timeout” troll and captioned his photo “five.”

After winning Game 2, Butler posted a photo of Celtics guard Grant Williams during a heated moment from the contest. Butler captioned the post “six” but sounds like he’s feeling better about this thing being over sooner than later.

Inevitably, Butler will post a “four” if Miami defeats Boston on Tuesday at Kaseya Center.

Beating the C’s on Sunday, Butler and Miami advanced to a 3-0 series lead — continuing to stun the Eastern Conference playoffs as an eighth seed, handily beating the top-seeded Celtics.

Boston has gone beyond losing these games and appeared outright fraudulent against Miami.

The Celtics roster and head coach Joe Mazzulla are getting humbled this postseason; so much so that Mazzulla’s now on the hot seat.

After all the mess started by Ime Udoka’s firing, you’d expect the Celtics’ brain trust to retain Mazzulla and avoid having egg on their face from the Udoka move.

Butler’s team is even forcing NBA circles to consider if Boston star Jayson Tatum can mature into a bonafide NBA star after continually disappearing in the fourth quarter this series.

That’s how terribly Mazzulla and his players have performed in this series.

Butler is out here ruining livelihoods with his performances.

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