‘The Last Of Us’ Premiere Puts Up Monster TV Ratings, Proves HBO Is An Unstoppable Force

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As expected, “The Last of Us” put up unreal TV ratings this past Sunday night.

The highly-anticipated HBO series with Pedro Pascal takes place in a post-apocalyptic world after a fungus-based pandemic destroys the world.

Before the Sunday night premiere, hype was off the charts, and the episode definitely didn’t disappoint. You can catch my whole review here.

“The Last of Us” captivates America.

Now, the ratings are out and the numbers are huge. HBO announced the premiere had 4.7 million viewers across the network’s platforms, and it was the second most-watched premiere for the company since 2010.

The only show to put up larger numbers was “House of the Dragon.” For comparison, it beat the season two premiere of “Euphoria,” which ended up averaging 19.5 million viewers an episode.

That means it’s very likely we see outrageously large numbers from “The Last of Us” once all the streaming data roles in.

“The Last of Us” puts up monster TV ratings. (Credit: HBO)

HBO remains an absolute powerhouse.

While Netflix tries to pump out as much content as possible, HBO has taken a very different approach. The network releases a small handful of series every year, and when HBO goes big, it goes very big.

The production values of “House of the Dragon” and “The Last of Us” are both off the charts. We’re talking about series with better production than most movies.

“The Last of Us” premiere draws massive ratings. (Credit: HBO)

Clearly, fans are responding in positive fashion because “House of the Dragon” was a beast, and now, “The Last of Us” appears to be right on its heels.

The show is incredibly dark and ominous as we watch Joel (Pascal) try to save Ellie (Bella Ramsey) from the hell they’re both in.

As I wrote in my review, I can’t remember the last series premiere that was so unbelievably captivating. The TV ratings prove I’m not the only one who felt that way.

HBO has another huge hit with “The Last of Us.” (Credit: HBO)

You can catch “The Last of Us” Sunday nights on HBO. It certainly looks like America’s next great TV hit.

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