‘Westworld’ Fans Hit With Bad News After Historic Collapse

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“Westworld” is done on HBO.

HBO decided to pull the plug on the show about robots and humans after four seasons, despite the fact it was perfectly set up for a fifth and final run.

Now, fans will be stuck with the ending of season four as the series finale.

Lisa Joy, who was one of the show’s creators, shared several Instagram posts remembering the journey after news broke that the show was over.

Despite the fact ratings heavily declined for “Westworld,” it’s still shocking to see HBO cancel the series before giving fans a fifth and final season.

Again, the show was perfectly set up for one last run.

“Westworld” is over after four seasons on HBO. The show was canceled after collapsing in season three. (Credit: HBO)

“Westworld” fell apart in disappointing fashion.

However, “Westworld” will forever be remembered as an all-time cautionary tale about what happens when you switch things up on the audience.

The show went from being about humans battling robots in parks to robots being out in the real world. Season three tanked the entire series. It was unbelievably bad compared to the first two seasons. Personally, I think season one is among the single best seasons of TV ever made.

HBO cancels “Westworld.” The show is over after four seasons. (Credit: HBO)

By the end of season three, “Westworld” felt like a different show. HBO attempted a reset in season four, and it felt like there was some success.

Clearly, there just wasn’t enough success, and with ratings down more than 80% from the season one finale, HBO decided “Westworld” was over. Leaving the park was truly one of the worst decisions in TV history. Unbelievably stupid from everyone involved.

It’s a damn shame because there was a time when it looked like “Westworld” would go down as one of the best shows ever made.

Instead, it will soon be remembered as nothing more than a show that crashed after having so much potential.

At least we’ll always have Ed Harris in season one as an all-time great character. It’s truly too bad “Westworld” fell apart. It had so much potential and is now done after four seasons.

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  1. Season 3 was a self-inflicted fatal wound. They moved so far off of their roots, they broke their attachment to audience. Instead, it became so convoluted it was almost impossible to watch. Season 4 was a mild attempt to come back to the mean, but they’d already killed off their audience. Talk about unforced errors.

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