Harpeth Hall Halt: All-Girls School Will ‘Pause’ New Policy Admitting Biological Males

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Harpeth Hall, the elite all-girls school in Nashville that previously said it would accept applications from biological males who identify as girls, has now announced it will not implement the new policy.

In an email to parents, the Harpeth Hall Board of Trustees said that they “recognize that this philosophy elicited strong reactions of support and opposition beyond our expectations.” The Board also said they “care deeply” about the feedback received from parents.

Exclusive all girl’s Harpeth Hall private school in Nashville has paused its new policy that would have allowed boys who identify as girls to apply
Exclusive all girl’s Harpeth Hall private school in Nashville has paused its new policy that would have allowed boys who identify as girls to apply. Photo courtesy of OutKick founder Clay Travis.

This decision comes on the heels of a letter from parents, alumnae and donors expressing their frustration with the new policy.


The letter forcefully stated that the school should exclusively select and educate girls who were born female and have continued to identify and live as females.

The Board acknowledged in their email the historic status of Harpeth Hall as an all-girl institution is one of the main contributors to why parents choose the school. The Board also said they don’t “wish to make any changes to the school’s longstanding admission practices.”

Despite the backtracking, parents, alumnae and donors to Harpeth Hall sent a second letter Thursday asking for the resignation of “members of the administration and board who have been proponents or enablers of political activism and division.”

The second letter also said the Board of Trustees and school administration have “been more focused on political activism than educating our girls.”

Concerned parents, alumnae and donors wrote a letter to elite all-girls school Harpeth Hall expressing their stance on allowing biological males to enroll
The Harpeth Hall parents aren’t accepting the school’s statement “pausing” the policy, however. They are demanding all responsible for the new policy be removed from their positions and are withholding all donations until it happens. Photo courtesy of Clay Travis.

The overriding issue for parents is placing biological males in an institution exclusively for females does not align with what the school’s mission is supposed to be.


Those who sent their children to Harpeth Hall assumed that their girls would have a consistent educational experience.

That changed when administrators seemingly ignored parental objections and instituted a drastic change in school composition.

Harpeth Hall in Nashville.

Harpeth Halt: Substantial Win For Parents, Alumnae, Donors

The pause in policy is a substantial win for parents, alumnae and donors who were concerned about the dramatic change in admission policy. The email’s explanation for this about-face also indicates that the school’s administrators were not prepared for the amount of pushback they received.

Based on their initial announcement, it’s abundantly clear the school did intend to change their admissions practices. But after numerous parents, alumnae and donors put their names on the letter expressing their frustrations, they were forced to reverse course.

The second letter also says that these concerned groups will be withholding “all financial contributions to the school” until those involved in the original announcement resign.

It’s not clear if the “pause” will be permanent or temporary. The initial strong reactions seem to indicate that administrators will face even stronger blowback if they attempt to reinstate the new policy.

This exact situation will almost assuredly play out at private schools across the country. At one institution at least, concerned parents were able to ensure their daughters would remain in school exclusively with other girls.

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After the news initially broke regarding the school’s change in procedures, OutKick founder Clay Travis reacted: “If you’re a boy but you “feel” like a girl, congratulations and welcome to Harpeth Hall – an elite all-girls school in Nashville that has gone full woke.”

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Bravo to all of the parents, students, administrators, and alums of Harpeth Hall who stood up against the transgender insanity.

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