Halloween Party May Have Played Role In Von Miller’s Trade To Rams

In a surprise move, Denver traded Von Miller to the Rams on Monday afternoon, and now, reports suggest that Miller was sent packing to avoid a disruption in the Broncos’ locker room.

How so? Apparently, the all-time sacks leader recently threw a pricey Halloween party that left Broncos rookies, some of whom are thin on cash, caught off guard.

Miller’s recent Halloween party, which has become a yearly tradition, was a full-blown affair and even featured a famous hip-hop artist. Sounds like a good time if you’re into costumes, booze, rappers and pro football players.

But not everyone was thrilled with the shindig, including some now-former Broncos teammates, because Miller reportedly expected them to contribute to the bill. Even the rookies — who, by all accounts, eke out a pathetic existence on an NFL salary and other bonuses — had to cough up six figures to attend.

Per a Pro Football Network report, “Miller became upset when teammates declined to kick in for his annual Halloween party. It’s a massive affair with a six-figure price tag. This year, it featured Quavo from the hip-hop act Migos.

“Miller’s request for financial help came as a surprise to his teammates. They had assumed they were invited guests to the party, not co-hosts. Miller even wanted rookies to contribute several thousand dollars for an event that they had no role in planning.”

The PFN report, published just hours after trade, said that Miller “threatened to disrupt the Broncos’ locker room chemistry over what in his mind was an unpaid debt.”

Miller shouldn’t have had any problem footing the bill for some orange and black streamers, a bowl full of Bit-O-Honey’s and a smoke machine. He’s making $9.7 million this season and has earned close to $100 million over the course of his career.

PFN added that the Broncos coaching staff and front office were aware of the rift between Miller and his teammates, which may have factored into the decision to trade him to Los Angeles.

I can’t blame Miller’s ex-teammates for not wanting to chip in. After all, who wants to pay to see Quavo?


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Written by Anthony Farris


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