Trailer For ‘Halloween Ends’ Promises Lots Of Scares And Violence

“Halloween Ends” looks like it’s going to be a great movie.

The legendary horror franchise will drop another movie with Jamie Lee Curtis October 14, and it will be the third time since 2018 she’s appeared on screen as Laurie Strode.

Judging from the trailer for the latest installment, fans are in for a wild ride.

If you haven’t seen her previous “Halloween” movies, I can’t recommend them enough. The 2018 film was the best slasher film in a long time.

“Halloween Kills” last year wasn’t as good, but still very enjoyable. It definitely scratched the slasher itch.

Now, Jamie Lee Curtis will close out her time as Strode with one last film. There’s no doubt horror fans are waiting on pins and needles.

Jamie Lee Curtis holds a knife in a scene from the film ‘Halloween’, 1978. (Photo by Compass International Pictures/Getty Images)

Most series fade away rather quickly, especially horror series. “Halloween” has successfully managed to make several great films since the original in 1978. Sure, there have been some bad ones, but overall, the saga has had a great ride.

October 14, we’ll get one last ride with Laurie Strode! It should be a bloody and exciting time!

Written by David Hookstead

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