Gymnast Tests Out Olympics ‘Anti-Sex’ Cardboard Bed Frame

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The big news at the Olympics over the weekend wasn’t the COVID crap being pushed by networks trying to get people to watch their shows. The real news was how Japan’s Olympic committee brought in cardboard bed frames — anti-sex beds? — in what some were saying was an attempt to stop athletes from having sex while they’re shacked up at the Games, which start this week.

Some theorized that because the bed frames are made of cardboard, they wouldn’t support more than one person in the sack, especially if things got wild in the sack. The beds are said to have a 440-pound weight limit. You do the math on some of these athletes.

To prove that the anti-sex bed theory is nonsense, Irish gymnast Rhys McClenaghan, 21, started jumping up and down on the beds to show these things can handle a real beating and they’re not going to crumble if/when things get intense. McClenaghan is calling the anti-sex beds “fake news” and that they’re not going to break over a sudden movement.

Now let’s see some of the weightlifters jump around on that anti-sex bed. Rhys is clearly fine to have sex in his cardboard bed over the next 14 days, but some of those big boys might want to be careful, especially Lasha Talakhadze, a 389-pound Georgian weightlifter.

Written by Joe Kinsey

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