Guy Breaks Quarantine, Uses Jet Ski To Cross Irish Sea To Visit His Girlfriend – The Crazy Details

Scotsman Dale McLaughlan, 28, deserves a medal and a beer from all the ladies around the world, something to show appreciation for what he accomplished. On Friday, he used a jet ski to cross 25 miles of open Irish Sea waters to visit his girlfriend Jessica Radcliffe.

This is one of those stories will turn into the great British dramas of our time. This is definitely an Academy Award-winning storyline. Titanic took home 11 Oscars in 1998. The story of Dale McLaughlan pulling off this journey has to be in the running for at least 10. It has it all! The romance. The drama. The action. The climax. The steamy quarantine sex. The police. EVERYTHING!

Let’s put this into perspective for you guys. Here are the bullet points of this story:

• 25-mile jet ski ride in waters that average about 52 degrees

• Took five hours at sea due to bad weather

He can’t swim

• 15-mile walk

Dale's jet ski route across Irish Sea
Dale’s approximate jet ski route across the Irish Sea

• He’ll miss Christmas with his family because he’s been sent to COVID jail

• Dale met Jessica in September and made their relationship Facebook official in October

• He bought the jet ski just for the quarantine escape

• Had just minutes of fuel remaining as he landed his vessel on the Isle of Man

The Daily Mail reports Dale and Jessica went out drinking Saturday night and into the early morning hours Sunday. By Sunday night, the COVID cops had busted Dale, and now the lovebird is in jail. The government officials say making an example out of Dale will prevent others who might otherwise think of taking such drastic measures.

Uh, let’s think about how absurd that sounds. There are very few sane people who think of taking a jet ski across the Irish Sea like Dale did. The government should be talking less prevention and more celebration here. This is what men, at least Dale, are willing to do to see their girlfriends during the pandemic. This is healthy, minus the major risk of drowning at sea part.

Dale McLaughlan jet ski irish sea Jessica Radcliffe
Dale McLaughlan made it Facebook official in October

In 2020, the government wants to crush romance. William Shakespeare would’ve turned this into a great literary work that would be taught in schools forever.

‘To jet ski, or not to jet ski: that is the question.’

‘Dale, Dale! Wherefore art thou Dale?‘

‘A jet ski! a jet ski! my kingdom for a jet ski!‘

Dale will go down in the annals of the COVID era. There will be tributes. Coldplay will write a song. Statues will be erected on the Isle of Man. Jet ski races across the Irish Sea will have Dale’s name attached long after we’re all gone.

Go here if you’d like to leave Dale a message on Facebook congratulating him. 

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  1. And he has two kids and she’s a single mother. I think covid restrictions are stupid to begin with but I can’t support a father doing something this stupid because he was horny.

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