‘Gutfeld’ Overtook Colbert’s ‘Late Show’ in Viewers

For the first time since it launched earlier this year, Fox News’ Gutfeld led all of late-night TV, topping Stephen Colbert’s Late Show in the advertiser-coveted 25 to 54 age demographic.

On Tuesday, Gutfeld averaged 2.1 million viewers, with 434,000 in the key demo. By contrast, The Late Show drew 1.8 million and 423,000. Meanwhile, Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show ranked third with 1.2 million overall and 354,000 in the demo.

Gutfeld routinely tops both Fallon and Jimmy Kimmell, but Colbert had held onto his lead. On the broadcast side, Colbert has pulled away from Fallon and Kimmell in late-night. 

Fox News debuted the 11 pm nightly program hosted by Greg Gutfeld in April. Gutfeld told OutKick ahead of the debut that he planned to provide an alternative to the other like-minded programs in late-night. 

Gutfeld’s program differs in format from the pack. Instead of celebrity guests and Democrat politicians, Gutfeld interviews Fox News talents and outside conservative personalities. As great as Kat Timpf is, Hollywood is making it easy on Gutfeld.

“What I’m not interested in is bringing in some actor to talk about his new movie,” Gutfeld told OutKick in April. “That bores me.”

It bores America, too.

What’s notable is that Gutfeld airs on Fox News, a cable channel. The cable networks air in far fewer homes than ABC, NBC, and CBS. At the height of late-night, the idea that a cable channel could even compete with basic TV was unheard of. In a docu-series on late-night TV, industry experts literally mocked the idea.

Let’s just hope Greg Gutfeld doesn’t Jay Leno the next Conan O’Brien in 20 years.

Written by Bobby Burack

Bobby Burack covers media, politics, and sports at OutKick.


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  1. Simply put, all the late night shows are intolerable. Faux intellectual mouthpieces for the democrat party teaching other idiots what they should think. Fallon was tolerable, but blew it when he hopped on the “Orange Man Bad” train like everyone else. Conan’s departure ended the relevance of the genre for now. He was the last link to the greats of late night. They all say the same unfunny things in the same unfunny ways.

  2. Humor is gone, replace by partisan politics. We used to be able to laugh at each other and ourselves, but the Woke Mob started getting offended (displaying their insecurity) at every little joke. So comedy is dead thanks to the social justice warriors – replaced humor with “equity” and “critical race theory.”

    Gutfield is the closest thing to humor for a conservative these days.

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